Man Delivers Milk on his expensive Harley Davidson, Twitter Can’t believe it

Netizens share a video of a man riding a Harley Davidson to deliver milk. So far, the video has been viewed 2.9 million times and has had several likes and comments. Netizens have shared their funny reactions.

Man deliver milk in Harley Davidson

As we all know, milkmen usually arrive in a locality on a bicycle or an old motorcycle, this is something we’ve all grown up seeing. Now imagine the person delivering milk in an expensive car or a costly bike that you always desired to own someday.


A clip shared on social media has left netizens baffled because it appears to show a man delivering milk on a Harley Davidson bike worth 36 lakhs of rupees.

The video shows a man in a blue hoodie traveling to different localities on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, that has two huge metallic milk containers on either side.

After this video became viral many found this clip surprising as they can’t believe how can a man sell milk in an expensive vehicle.


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