Man Beats Up His Friend For Not Inviting Him On His Wedding

 Not yet invited your friend for your wedding?Then beware this might happen to you as well.. Invite them as soon as possible.Indeed a funny incident which eventually led to a serious brawl between two friends in a small village of Madhya Pradesh. A newly married man got beaten by his dearest friend for not inviting him on his wedding ceremony

Ye Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge…

In a bizarre incident, a newly-married man has complained to police that he was beaten up by an acquaintance for not inviting his friend to his wedding in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district.


The incident took place in Chandapura village under Dehat police station area on Sunday night. Police registered an FIR against the accused, Narendra Kushwaha, on Monday.The 22-year-old victim in his police complaint alleged that Kushwaha (grooms friend) beat him up as he was miffed at not being invited to the former’s marriage.

 The Reason Behind Ignoring His Friend

The victim reported that due to ongoing pandemic and restrictions on people attending functions had been congested due to which he was not able to invite his friends and had to arrange the ceremony along with just his family members only but this was misinterpreted by his friend and he took the ignorance seriously which led to this assault.

Since the accused was not invited to the marriage, he demanded Rs 500 from the victim to buy liquor but The groom could only give Rs 100 to the accused and of course Kushwaha (friend) was not happy and continued to thrash him while asking for more money.


The victim somehow managed to escape from the spot to save his life and he received injuries in his eyes and other body parts on his marriage day.In Fact this would be one of his memorable day as well as one of the days which he would like not to recall in his entire life.Friendship is good but escalating such petty things to this extent is something to worry about.