Mamata Banerjee Says People Are Scared To Talk In The Country, Twitter Says ‘What An Irony’

Mamata Banerjee (2)

On Tuesday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attended a TMC Rally and slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government for neglecting the people of the state.

She said,


“People of West Bengal will give them a befitting reply. Outsiders will not run the state. There are some people who don’t have any political experience. They speak of killing people and setting things ablaze.”

Mamata Banerjee

She further alleged that the central government is conspiring against West Bengal by saying that there is violence every day in the state. She said,

“What about UP where ‘jungle raj’ prevails. What is happening in Uttar Pradesh? People in that state are afraid of lodging complaints with the police. Severa; policemen were killed in a single incident.”

Twitter users trolled the TMC leader for saying that the central government has made people unable to speak because of the fear. Here are some of the hilarious replies.