Here Are The Reasons Why Malleswaram Is The Most Loved Locality Of The City


Malleswaram has always been a locality of high prestige. It is one of Bengaluru’s ancient localities. The glorified area has a blissful aura in itself and offers the same to the residents and the visitors with its very impressive accommodations. Malleshwaram is an abode to Bangalore’s reputed educational institutions and Sacred temples in the town. Let’s explore the place for its history, creative art, food and much more.

A Temple Locality Of Bengaluru

Malleswaram, which I must say is the area of many ancient temples is heaven for all the religious seekers. The very name Malleswaram is derived from its historic Kaadu malleshwra temple which is the most ancient temple standing tall over 400 years dedicated to Lord Shiva. And the very name Kaadumalleshwera (Forest like Malleswaram) is self-explanatory which cherishes the deep dense greenery of Malleswaram years ago.


Diagonally opposite to the temple is the Sri Dakshina Mukha Nandi Teertha Kalyani Kshethra also known as Nandi Teertha. The temple was buried underground for ages and was excavated and rediscovered in 1997. Something that could leave you blown away is the fact that water from the mouth of Lord Nandi just does not stop flowing, the source of this holy water called Tirtha is still an unsolved mystery.

Also, Malleswaram witnesses unending crowd every day to get an eye-full of the other significant temples like the Gangamma temple, Venugopala Swamy temple, Lakshmi Narayana temple, Kannika Parameshwari temple, Raghavendra Swamy mutt etc.

things to do in malleswaram

Foodie’s Favorite Locality 

Veena stores

Veena Stores is undoubtedly the number one eatery for authentic tasty Brahmin delicacies. It serves some mind-blowing breakfast eats like the idli vada served with chutney, Khara bath, kesari bath, khara pongal, sweet pongal etc. What makes the store only one of its kind is because of the non-usage of onion and garlic in any of their food deliveries.



It is the iconic breakfast eat-out in the entire city dishing up their signature ‘Benne Masala Dose’, bajji and coffee with an extravagant feature of spot serving amidst the buzzy informal atmosphere. A Bangalore legend, CTR now goes by the name Sri Sagar. Frankly, the eatery does have a menu, but it is simply its ‘Benne Dosa’s’ that people come here for. So a perfect order here would be a Benne Masala Dosa, Mangalore Bondas and a strong filter Coffee- Absolute Bliss!

things to do in malleswaram

Halli Mane

Halli Mane being the representative of the countryside dishes, decor and infrastructure has exclusive village genre cuisines served. Ragi mudde, Tatte idli, Holige, Ragi rotti, Gasagase milkshake, Cocum juice etc are some of the desi authentic dishes Halli Mane is popular for. The best time to visit the hotel is during festivals because of the special gala meal served on the huge plantain leaf.

Janata Hotel

Janata Hotel is a Vintage of the Masala Dosa and the Vada sambar since long. Masala Dosa being served here is simply Classic!. The unending crowd and the endless waiting queues just to get a mouthful of it explains it all!. The Masala Dosa is served piping hot with fresh coconut chutney which is coarsely ground. And the quantity and the quality of the Sabji stuffing inside the dosa is all the more mouthwatering. The entire menu has its food at its best, but just the Masala dosa, Vada Sambar & coffee are unbeatable.


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Cultural Hub 

Malleswaram always being the hub of culture and ethnicity witnesses the Classic Entertainment venture – Seva Sadan. It is an active cultural venue. Mainly Indian dances, theatre, and musical events are staged here. The auditorium has been in existence since decades and many legends have performed here. People from across the city come over to Seva Sadan to catch a performance of music, dance, folk arts, plays, dramas etc.

things to do in malleswaram

Sweet Marts

Asha Sweet Center

One of the oldest and the extremely popular sweet mart of Bangalore since 1951. Asha sweets have served the residents of Malleswaram and other areas of Bangalore over a period of 75 years with a variety of traditional and incredibly delicious sweets. Asha Sweets has always catered to the needs of people craving for sweets from different parts of the country, be it North Indian, Bengali or the Gujarati sweets, under one roof. It holds a classy menu listing from the traditional sweets to bakery products to savories and the must try, hot and cold Badam milk.


food points in malleswaram

Sankey Tank Which Is Nearby 

The lake which is like an oasis to the nearby residents near Malleshwaram is an outright gratification to the eyes and mind. The appealing scenic beauty and the soul-soothing peaceful and harmonious environment will only leave you with a sense of not heading back home every time you’re there. A perfect place for nature lovers with its innate, refreshing and tranquilizing surroundings.

things to do in malleswaram

Street Shopping

Malleswaram eighth Cross, a bustling road clamoring with movement throughout the day, is undoubtedly customer’s heaven. Dabbed with shops on either side of the whole extent, eighth Cross offers everything along one road. From pieces of clothing to footwear, gems to blessing things packs to beauty care products and so on. The 8th cross is surely a matter of celebration to all the women as in and around the 8th cross is a shopping zone with most of the leading, branded silk sari shops like the Varamahalakshmi silks, PSR, Nalli silks etc.

things to do in malleswaram

Flower Market

Malleswaram an area which looks festive and extremely enthusiast any time of the year has its fragrance spread all over maybe because of the unending lanes of flower markets here. Just being at the flower market is such an experience of goodness and divinity. Be it any kind of flower – you name it, and you find it at the markets of Malleswaram. People from across the city come over to have a beautiful combo of flowers especially during the festive seasons, the flower markets during festivals witness massive crowd like never before.

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For anybody who plans to tour Bangalore, Malleswaram is a must visit. Please do come and experience the varied culture, tradition, food, fun the locality has in-store to offer to you.

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