This Malgudi Donne Biryani in Rajajinagar Serves Lip-Smacking Plantain Leaf Non-Veg Meals

malgudi donne biryani rajajinagar

The fictional town of RK Narayan is famous for more than one reason. Apart from the engrossing Malgudi Days directed by Shankar Nag, this name has now been associated with a famous restaurant in Rajajinagar – Malgudi’s Donne Biryani. Although there is no connection between Malgudi and this joint, this restaurant will make sure you enjoy your time just like the way you enjoyed Malgudi Days.

Malgudi’s Donne Biryani is extremely easy to locate. There are plenty of landmarks and finding this joint will never be a worry. This restaurant is located close to the famous Al-bek near Harishchandra Ghat. Otherwise, if you are aware of the route to Deviah Park, your job would get much easier as Malgudi’s is located opposite to this park. The restaurant starts its services from 12:30 pm and will function till 10:30 pm. However, the restaurant is closed between 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm every day.

Authentic Donne Biryani

Malgudi’s Donne Biryani is one of the best places in Bengaluru to taste authentic South Indian biryani. Both the Chicken & Mutton variants of this dish are available and you also have the option to opt for the plain Biryani rice as well.

The prices are extremely reasonable with Chicken Biryani costing you Rs 120 and its Mutton variant costing Rs 140. Chicken Kabab and Chicken Pepper Fry are the preferred side dishes along with the Biryani’s and the restaurant charges you Rs 95 each for both these dishes.

Chicken Lollypop and Mutton Chops are also worth trying at this restaurant. Priced at Rs 95, the Malgudi’s Special is something which you can definitely not miss if you are planning your meal at this joint.

malgudi donne biryani rajajinagar

Better, Fresher and Tastier…

This is the tagline of Malgudi’s Donne Biryani and the management makes sure you take back this kind of experience once you leave the restaurant. However, seating is one aspect which could disappoint you. The restaurant is extremely compact and you could expect a short waiting time before you get a seat at this restaurant.

Also, the chairs and tables are placed very close to each other and hence, if you are a person who prefers a little extra breathing space while you eat, this joint might not able to impress you. In this case, takeaways are a perfect option. All the items are available for delivery and they are packed neatly without any spillage.

The service at this restaurant is very impressive. An item gets prepared only after you order it and hence, the dishes are always fresh. Most importantly, not much time is consumed during this process as your order gets fulfilled pretty quickly.

malgudi donne biryani rajajinagar


Unique tasty dishes at a pocket-friendly price. That has been the USP of Malgudi’s Donne Biryani. To achieve its USP, this joint relies heavily on its Donne Biryani. The flavored rice with adequate pieces of chicken/mutton tastes mild & less spicy than the usual biryani. It is here that this Donne Biryani scores a brownie point as this serving is lip-smacking and will offer a feel-good factor to your taste buds. The quantity of one plate of Biryani is sufficient for one individual.

Malgudi’s Special usually consists of a special chicken dish which would probably be something which you might not have tasted earlier. The Chicken Pepper Dry is a perfect item to partner with your Biryani with and the spiciness of this item will complement perfectly with the mild Biryani.

Open: 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM and 7 PM – 10:30 PM (Closed on Monday)

Where: Mahakavi Kuvempu Rd, Maruthi Extension, Ramamohanapuram, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru




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