Useful Safety Tips to Make Your Staircase Safe for Children and Elders


We have been using staircases from the ancient time and the importance of the staircase remains same even the 21st century. Although we have invented other alternatives to climb up multistory buildings such as automatic elevator, staircases are one of the most indispensable parts of construction. Even according to the building regulations, you must include a staircase as an alternative in your modern building along with the elevator.

Staircases are a common walking surface and people use them to access higher areas. Staircases often cause injuries even death, and you must install proper safety measurements such as guide rails, stainless steel glass spigots and slip resistant flooring in your staircase areas.

Prefer Anti-Slip Surface

This is one of the most important issues that can prevent accidents. The staircase should be made with slip-resistant materials, otherwise, they can be dangerous for users especially children and elders. You can reduce the risk of the slip by using anti-slip materials in the stair trades.

People often use anti-slip materials like rubber on the leading edge of the trades to prevent slip-related incidents. Slip-resistant paints are also available in the market and you can use them on your staircase. Products made of Stainless steel casting from vast can also be used to improve the support system.

Check out the Functionality of Handrails

In most of the cases, people pay attention to design and overall look of their staircase and forget many other important factors. Usability and functionality of staircases and their accessories are some of the most vital points. Stair handlers are not only there to enhance the beauty of your staircase, but their functionality should also be a priority for you.

Handrails are there to provide support to the users when they will be ascending or descending the stairs. Children and elders always use handrails to create a balance when descending. They also provide support to elders when ascending. People often use stainless steel casting products to make the handrails stronger. You need to install stainless steel handrails which are slip resistant because they can provide you utmost supports and they need less maintenance cost.

Make Sure All Steps are Similar

When we use stairs, we tend to follow the same steps again and again until we reach on a plain surface. You can design your stairs with concrete, iron or woods, and you need to install slip-resistant materials on your stairs. If any of the steps are shorter or taller than the height of the rest, it can cause an accident anytime. Thus, make sure that there are no uneven steps in your staircase and all steps are of the same size. You can use stainless steel glass spigots from vast to improve the safety measure of your staircase.

Ensure Better Visibility

Your staircase should be illuminated by enough lighting so that users can see each and every step precisely. If you have children and elders in your family and you should not compromise with your lighting system, because better visibility will ensure safety for your dearest ones. Low light can be an issue for the elders and it can prevent them from noticing steps clearly. You can use angular lighting and matte finishes on the steps to avoid glaring effects. Stainless steel casting products can also be a good option to make the accessories stronger.

Make the Stairs Clutter-Free

Never store anything on the stairs, as this can cause serious accidents. People often use the stairs for temporary storing that cause accident. The stair should be clutter-free and children always use banister or handrail when using the stairs.

The surface of the staircase should be clean and nothing should be attached with the stairs or handrails. If you clean the staircase on your own, then make sure that there is no spills, debris or wet spots on the stairs. So always keep your stairs clean and tidy, and you must maintain your stairs on a regular basis.

Children and elders are more vulnerable than young-adults to receive staircase injuries and that is why you have to take measures to ensure their safety. Follow these useful tips and help your dearest ones to avoid injuries. You can use stainless steel glass spigots to clean your staircase precisely.



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