Mahesh Bhat to Jia Khan’s Mother During The Late Actor’s Funeral: “Keep Quite Or Your Will Suffer The Same Fate As Your Daughter”:

In an interview with India Today, Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput’s case and the highly notorious Bollywood mafia which is said to be behind both her daughter and Sushant’s death.

Mahesh Bhatt’s comments during Jiah’s funeral

During Jiah’s funeral, Mahesh Bhatt reportedly came to Rabia and said that Jiah was depressed. To this, Rabia replied that her daughter was not depressed. Mahesh Bhatt went on to say: “Tum chup ho jaao varna tumhe bhi injection deke sula dege (You shut up, else we’ll put you too to sleep with an injection).” 


She further talked about Mahesh Bhatt saying that the filmmaker is the mouthpiece of Bollywood’s mafia. Rabia also revealed that Mahesh Bhatt was intimidating her daughter when she worked for him at the age of 16.

Jiah Khan (1)
Courtesy: India Today

Rabia’s version of Sushant’s case

Further, Rabia Khan gave out her version of Sushant’s case. She said: “I was among the first people to say that this is a murder. The similarities struck me. His partner and Jiah’s partner trapped them in love, promising them marriage, taking their money, keep them away from their loved ones. Then when they were sleeping, they got rid of them, they strangulated them. It makes me laugh at the police. They have spent more time sabotaging the investigation than finding the truth. They took the nepotism angle because it suited them.

Alleging the Bollywood mafia to be present behind all of this, she said: “They are all over and you can see them. This darkness in Bollywood is created by them. Anybody, be it a rapist or a murderer, if they are in the nexus; it is pardoned.


Source: India Today