Maharashtra CM’s “Hit With Chappal” Remark For Yogi Adityanath Resurfaces After Rane’s Arrest.

 The ongoing tussle between Maharashtra CM Udhhav Thakrey and union minister Narayan Rane has fuelled up more after a BJP leader has filed an FIR against Udhhav Thakrey on wednesday. He claimed that Maharashtra CM has used provocative remarks against Yogi Adityanath through his speeches which has the capacity to inflict communal riots and brawl between the states.

 BJP Leader Files FIR Against Thackeray

An application seeking the filing of an FIR against Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray was submitted to the police by Yavatmal district BJP president Nitin Bhutada on Wednesday, 25 August.


“Thackeray had said that how can a Yogi become a CM? He should go and sit in a cave. Yogi should be slapped with his chappal. Yogi has insulted Shivaji Maharaj. Yogi lacked the status to go near Shivaji Maharaj. Yogi should be beaten with his chappal when he comes to Maharashtra” the statements by Thackeray had instigated BJP workers.

This was one of the old speeches by Uddhav in october 2020 which has now surfaced amid the ongoing tussle between Shiv-Sena and Rane who was arrested recently for using foul language against the CM. But later the same day he was granted bail on a bond of ₹15000 and possibly that grudge had added fuel to the squabble by surfacing an old news.

Union Minister Narayan Rane arrested earlier over contentious remarks

 What Was The Shiv-Sena Narayan Tussle About?

Well the story begins during the eve of Independence day while Uddhav was addressing a gathering and forgot to recall the year of Independence during his speech, he had to count the years taking aide of others and that had triggered the BJP leader.


During his Jan Ashirwad Yatra Rane had said;”It is shameful that the chief minister does not know the year of our Independence. He leaned back to enquire about the count of years of independence during his speech. Had I been there, I would have given (him) a tight slap”.This was sufficient to begin the brawl. Rane was earlier a Shiv-Sena member but switched to BJP and is currently serving as the Union minister for micro,small and Medium enterprises of India.

Rane was the first union minister to be arrested during his ongoing tenure and as soon as he came out BJP has collectively began using all the arrows against Shiv Sena.Well this is Indian politics,When there are other matters to resolve our ministers are busy filing FIR’s against each other.