Maha political twist: Fadnavis Takes Oath As Maharashtra CM, NCP’s Ajit Pawar DY

source: hindustantimes

Do you remember Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe gaffe, well the Shiv Sena is now tasting the same awkwardness because of NCP? In a huge political twist, the Nationalist Congress Party and Bharatiya Janata Party have decided to lead their way to form a government in Maharastra. Early morning on Saturday, BJP’s Devendra Fadnavis took oath as the Maharashtra Chief Minister along with NCP’s leader Ajit Pawar as the deputy chief minister.

Biggest political Twist 

The two leaders sworn in after the President’s rule was imposed in the state a week ago. However, it was revoked at 5.47 am when the government was officially established, said a source. It was last night the Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena were continuing talks to mould the next government in Maharashtra.

source: hindustantimes

In the meantime, Ajit Pawar was also present in this triangle meet. It was generally assumed that the three parties will hold a press conference to announce the designs of their government. However, Ajit had something else cooking in his head.

“I took this judgement as to the discussions of the alliance of the three parties Congress, NCP, and Shiv Sena was not finishing. There was a need to give a stable government in Maharashtra,” said Pawar, nephew of NCP boss Sharad Pawar.

Clueless Sharad Pawar

Clueless of the situation, Sharad Pawar seems to be in a no man’s land. The 78-year-old said it was his nephew’s decision and not the party’s. “Ajit Pawar’s decision to support the BJP to form the Maharashtra Government is his personal choice and not that of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). We place on account that we do not support or encourage this decision of his,” Sharad Pawar said in a tweet.


BJP with 105 seats in the assembly( total 288) has to prove majority withing 30th November. The saffron party believes that they can easily cross the majority mark of 145 members. A BJP official said that the entire NCP will be with them in the process of government formation and along with 54 MLAs from the NCP, the party has the support of more than 15 members from independents and smaller allies.

Twitter goes crazy 




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