12 Unexplored Places And Hidden Gems in Madikeri – The Scotland Of India


Winter Is Here!! And if you are in Karnataka, the first place during winter that pops in your mind is Madikeri, Coorg. Yes, it is also called as, Scotland of India. This place is a Heaven with hidden treasures, you can enjoy only if you explore more. Other than Popular places like Abbey Falls, Talakaveri, Raja Seat, Iruppu Falls etc, there are many more unexplored places in Madikeri, which are worth exploring.

Are you bored of same places in Coorg(Kodagu)? Want to see new places other than usual tourist spots? Do you want to get rid of your busy schedule, phone calls, same office, boring job and Experience Mountains, coffee plantation, amidst nature of Coorg? Read on, Here is the place to get rid of your daily busy life. Don’t miss out to explore these beautiful places when you visit Madikeri next time.


Approximately 1 hour 30 mins i.e. 22 km from Madikeri, there is this beautiful forested mountain called as Kotebetta. This is the third highest peak in the Kodagu district after Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri. The peak is at a height of 1500 meters. At the peak, there is a Shiva temple which is visited by the priests every day. You can surely feel calm and peaceful with the greenery. And, the trek via coffee plantation in a mud road is worth visiting for.


Chelavara Falls:

One has to take a walk through the lush greenery near Cheyyandane village to reach Chelavara Falls. This beautiful fall is near to Chomakund hill and about 22 km from Virajpet. Chelavara Falls is amidst thick greenery and is almost untouched by the crowds. This place is serene and quiet; it is advisable to go in a group as there won’t be many tourists.


Nalknad Palace:

It is around 45 km to Madikeri, it is an unexplored monument under Coorg tourism. Nalkunadu Palace/Nalknad Palace is situated at the foot of Tadiandamol hill. It was built by Haleri King, Chikka Veerarajendra during 1792 – 1794 AD. The unique architecture and ancient paintings inside the palace shouldn’t be missed.


Honnamana Kere:

Honnamana Kere is less visited but it is also the biggest lake in Coorg; a visit here is a must for nature lovers. It is a lake surrounded by beautiful landscapes in Doddamalte. Doddamalte is a village which is around 8 km from Somwarpet. The temple of goddess Honnamma is also situated near to the lake. Hence, it is also a holy place.


Sri Padi Igguthappa Temple:

Igguthappa is the holy deity of Kodava people. People of Coorg believe in 2 main deities; river Kaveri and Igguthappa, called the rain god. This is the main temple for Kodava people; it is situated in the forests of Kakkabe in Coorg.


Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary:

The famous Iruppu falls is at the foot of Brahmagiri and from there take a trek to visit Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. It situated in Brahmagiri hills and is home to many animals. A trek to Brahmagiri hills, located at the border of Coorg and Wayanad districts will take you to this sanctuary.


Kumara Parvatha/ Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary:

This place is also known as Pushpagiri in Coorg. It is surely a trekker’s paradise, filled with mind-blowing and breathtaking views of the Western Ghats. A trek in Pushpagiri will take you to Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.


Mallahalli Falls:

This fall is a bit far from Madikeri yet, a must visit falls for nature lovers. This place is situated in the northern region of Kodagu. You can experience to watch the milky white waterfalls which will not only soothes your eyes but will make your mind relaxed. This is a beautiful and adventures place for nature lovers.


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Dubare Elephant Camp is where the elephants are trained for the famous Mysore Dussehra. This is an important base for the Karnataka Forest Department’s elephants. This place is a must visit experience for all the elephant lovers.



If you wanna explore the beauty of this place completely then, take a road trip from Madikeri to Mandalpatti. It is a nature lover’s dream come true. It will arouse the interests of any adventure-seeking traveler. Mandalapatti viewpoint is 20 KM away from Madikeri. You will be going through narrow roads, hairpin bends, coffee gardens. And, of course, the Abbey Falls to a hill which is incredibly beautiful. When you reach the viewpoint, you would be welcomed by crazy winds and cotton clouds. The Mandalpatti viewpoint offers unobstructed views of the green surroundings.


Gaddige Raja’s Tomb:

Gaddige also was known as Raja’s tomb, built in one of the beautiful hill stations in Madikeri. The monument contains the mortal remains of the royal Kodavas. To unlock the Indo-Saracenic Style of architecture, a visit to this archaeological place is a must for all.


Harangi Backwaters:

Harangi Backwaters is located in Kushalnagar 30 km from Madikeri. It is another lesser known tourist place which is surrounded by many resorts and homestays. This is a perfect destination to be spent with family and kids. A Serene place which is truly enchanting on the foot of the Western Ghats which will make you relax from a busy life.


So, what are you waiting for?? Plan your trip and pack your bags. Happy Exploring!!

Note: In a craze of exploring don’t spoil the beauty of nature, don’t litter. Please keep the tourist places clean.

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