Hidden Gem: This Cart in Bengaluru Serves Lip-Smacking Fish Tawa Fry Cooked on A Wood Fire

madan fish tawa fry

Fish Fry? That too in a Cart? Yes, you read it right. Being in Bengaluru, we hardly get to taste awesome seafood served in a cart. The city has seafood hotels and restaurants but ‘roadside fish fry’ is definitely an unexplored thing. If you are an authentic fish lover and craving for a stomach-satisfying taste then you should come to this place. The place is known as Madan Fish Tawa Fry and it is a tiny cart, usually crowded with foodies like you and me.

Fresh Fish Fried on Wood Fire

The place is a road-side cart where you see a person cooking fresh fish on a Tawa fueled by brick fire. The very sight of 10-15 fish being cooked and fried on a wood fire is enough to ignite your craving. He serves a variety of fish from Bangda, Kaane, to Jilebi but there is no fixed menu. You have small sized, mid-sized, and large fish to chose from. It is open only in the evenings and most of the time, it will be crowded.

madan fish tawa fry

Mind-Blowing Taste. Chutney is Ahaaaaaa!

Here, the fish fry will be served directly from tawa to your plate, piping hot with gun powder sprinkled on it. Fry will be coupled with Green chutney and it tastes brilliant. We are sure that you don’t find chutney of this kind in any other place in the city. It goes so well with every bite of fish fry that you’ll say Ahaaaa!

Price wise, it is pocket-friendly. Small-sized fish will cost you Rs.40 and big-sized is around Rs.80. One can also pay in terms of gram depending on the type of fish being ordered.
To sum up, Madan Fish Tawa Fry Centre is a road-side cart that serves amazing fish fry at the most reasonable price. Come here to munch on the delicious fish fry because it is just beyond words.

madan fish tawa fry

Where: Hosakerehalli Cross Rd, 2nd Phase, Hosakerehalli Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Banashankari.

Phone: 099162 74293

Tip: Give a call to the above number and confirm the availability before you plan to visit. Follow google map for easy navigation.