Mad King vs the deity; Hombale films confirm the crux of Kantara 2

Kanada industry’s Hombale Films, the studio behind mega-hits Kantara and the K.G.F. franchise, has confirmed that Kantara 2 will be a prequel that goes into the backstory of the folklore that features in the first film.

Kantara 2 prequel 

Kantara writer, director, and lead actor Rishab Shetty is currently scripting the highly-anticipated Kannada-language film Kantara 2 which will be a prequel and not a sequel. Hombale Films founder Vijay Kirgandur, in interaction with Deadline, revealed that Rishab Shetty has already started working on the film.


“Rishab is writing the story now and has gone to the forests of coastal Karnataka with his writing associates for two months to conduct research for the film,” Hombale Films founder Vijay Kiragandur told Deadline.

The story

Kantara 2 is a prequel that will explore the relationship between the villagers, the deity, and the troubled king. The king had made a pact with the deity to protect the villagers and the land around him, but things turned out otherwise. The mad King versus nature battle is the crux of the film.

“Rishab plans to start shooting in June, as a portion of the shoot requires the rainy season, and our intention is to give the film a pan-India release in April or May next year,” says Vijay.


According to India Today, the budget for Kantara 2 has been increased but the movie style, narration, and cinematography will be similar to Kantara to keep the continuity and genuineness in the film. More cast members will be added and they may be big names, which is what is expected.