Macron Calls For Unity, Says The Country Will Not Give In To Terror: French Church Attack


French President Emmanuel Macron has said that France will not give in to terrorism after three people were killed in a knife attack on a church in Nice. While speaking outside the basilica in Nice, Macron described Thursday’s horrifying incident as ‘Islamist and terrorist madness’ and said ‘France is being attacked’. He announced that in the coming days the number of soldiers patrolling the streets would be more than double and further expressed his support for the Catholic community.

Macron said, “Three of our compatriots died at the basilica in Nice today and at the same time a French consular site was attacked in Saudi Arabia. I want to express, first and foremost, the nation’s support for the Catholics of France and elsewhere.”

He added, “My second message is to Nice and the people of Nice who have already suffered as a result of the Islamist terrorist folly. This is the third time terrorism has struck your city and you have the support and solidarity of the nation.”


The French president went on to speak about the 2016 killing of Father Jacques Hamel and said that it is the Catholics of the country that are being attacked once again. Macron said that the nation is with ‘Catholic compatriots’ and added, “We are at their side in order that religion can be freely exercised in our country.”


“If we have been attacked once again, it is because of our values, our taste for freedom; the freedom to believe freely and not give in to any terror. We will give in to nothing. Today we have increased our security to deal with the terrorist threat,” said the French President.

France witnesses second ‘terrorist attack’ 

The French media reported that one of the three victims was brutally beheaded by the attacker, who has now been arrested. Apart from the three deceased, several others have been injured in the incident. Christian Estrosi, the Mayor of Nice has come forward to reveal that the attacker, shouted “Allahu Akbar” while he was being restrained by the French Police. Taking to Twitter, Estrosi termed the incident as “a terrorist attack”, calling for an end to “fascism” in the country.

Thursday’s attack comes during heightened tensions in the country over radical Islamist, secularism and freedom of speech. The attack also comes amid the rising tensions between France and Islamic countries over the recent beheading of a French teacher. According to reports, the History teacher was brutally decapitated in a similar manner by a man for showing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in class.

The row between France and Islamic nations has escalated over Macron’s strong clampdown on terrorism in the nation. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had earlier alleged that Macron “needed treatment” for his mental condition over his crackdown on terrorism, which he said was a crackdown on Islam and Muslims.


Source: Republic World