Machete Restart – Mikhail Peleg Spoke About Filming The Movie And Releasing New Music Albums

The lead singer of Machete, Yaroslav Maly, and the producer of the band, Mikhail Peleg, spoke about their immediate creative plans – filming the movie and releasing several music albums at once.

Yaroslav, what or who is your source of inspiration?

Yaroslav: I consider my family to be a real source of personal inspiration. The support of loved ones, the energy of love and mutual understanding – all these factors are indivisible in my understanding. I can advise everyone only one thing – rejoice and enjoy every day you have lived. For me, the opportunity to share this state not only with my relatives but also with millions of people who like Machete music is really important and invaluable.


Mikhail, please tell us what kind of projects are you preparing together with Machete?

Mikhail Peleg: Today we are working hard on several interesting projects at once. I am looking for sponsors who could finance the filming process and help with the movie release. I can announce that soon we will present the result of our activities to all lovers of quality music and, of course, Machete fans.

One of the most famous creations of Machete is the song “Нежность” (Tenderness). The official music video for this song has over 33 million views on YouTube. Yaroslav, why do you think this particular track has become so popular?

Yaroslav: I believe that the words that come from the very heart of the singer will go straight to the listener’s heart. It happened just this way. In fact, only three people participated in the filming of this video. Igor Shmelev (he acted as a video director) and Ravshanа Kurkovа were invited to work on the creation of the clip. As a result, a sincere and lyrical story with a deep meaning came out. The sincerity of our message appealed to the multimillion audience of fans around the world, which I am very pleased.

Mikhail, what do you think is the key to the popularity of the musicians you are producing?

Mikhail Peleg: Many bright contemporary artists need support. I am very proud of all the Machete members. All the guys are very talented and purposeful, including Yaroslav. Their hard work, first of all, is one hundred percent guarantee of the existing popularity and successful creative activity.


Yaroslav, do you have your own recipe for success and inner harmony?

Yaroslav: In my musical works, I always try to open up important topics. I hope that they are familiar and understandable to everyone. I do not want to change my principles. For me, the concepts are indivisible – life, personality, and true love. I hope this is the secret to success and inner harmony.

The priority plans of Machete frontman Yaroslav Maly and producer of the team, Mikhail Peleg, include writing new tracks, their further recording in the studio, as well as conducting concerts of existing projects and shows.