M.S Dhoni Has Become The Most Riskiest Celebrity To Search For Online

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MS Dhoni’s star fame has now become the most riskest name to search online says a report. An online search for stars like MS Dhoni, Radhika Apte, Shraddha Kapoor, PV Sindhu, and Sachin Tendulkar has the highest possibility of taking you to malicious websites said a cybersecurity company.

MS Dhoni is the riskiest celebrity to search for online

A study by cybersecurity company, McAfee reported that the former Indian captain has topped the list of the most Dangerous Celebrity 2019. The search results from popular celebrities could potentially expose their fans to malicious websites and viruses. These cybercrimes will lead the user to install malware or steal personal information and passwords.


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Standing next to Dhoni, the Indian legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar has also been reported to be the riskest name to search online. Significantly, the list followed by Gautam Gulati (3) Bigg Boss winner, Sunny Leone (4), Popstar Badshah (5), Radhika Apte (6), Shraddha Kapoor (7), Harmanpreet Kaur (8), P.V. Sindhu (9) and Cristiano Ronaldo (10).

The comforts of internet access

“The notable comfort of internet access, through a host of connected devices has made it increasingly practical for users to gather content from all over the world. Internet users usually see for free and pirated content such as web-series, movies, TV shows, and images of their favorite superstars. Sadly, they may not be fully aware of the risks that malicious websites providing such content can pose in exchange for this access.” said Venkat Krishnapur, Vice-President of Engineering and Managing Director, McAfee India.

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“Cyber criminals leverage this opportunity and prey on consumer vulnerabilities when they compromise on security in favor of convenience. Consumers must understand these threats, think before they click and avoid suspicious links that promise free content,” he added.


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McAfee suggests internet users, to browse or download information directly from trustworthy sources. Using a Web status tool and using parental control software will help minimize the danger for a possibly malicious or inapplicable website.