Top 5 Luxury Train Tours To Enjoy In India for One Hell of an Experience


The fantasy of luxury travel is not just about pampering. It is a unique experience, which interests many people. To satisfy such fantasies, luxury trains of India present numerous luxury train tours that scale different parts of the country, offering a unique blend of activities, culture, cuisine, and experience. Journey in these luxury trains is matchless grandeur in every aspect. We have listed the top five luxury train tours that you ought to take during your vacation in India.

Maharajas’ Express

One of the newest luxury trains that scale India at the present, Maharajas’ Express is voted as one of the best luxury trains in the world, several times. The train provides numerous itineraries of varying length and activities scaling western, central and southern parts of the country. Some of the itineraries cover destinations that were never touched by luxury trains in the past like Lucknow, Orchha, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Balasinor, and others. The train runs from October to end of April. The journey date, schedules and fare changes from time to time. Check with the site to learn about the current details.

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Palace on Wheels

There is always something different about the pioneer who scaled the land first with luxury train concept. The cabins of Palace on Wheels are the exact replica of the saloons that were used by the yesteryear kings, generals, and royal heirs. Although the décor might be ancient, the technologies and amenities present inside the train are up to date. The Palace on Wheels has redesigned its décor and style of vacationing and has changed the name to Heritage Palace on Wheels. The signature itinerary of the train is a cliché luxury train route that covers most of the iconic attractions in and around Rajasthan. Check all the essential information about palace on wheels train visit:

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Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey train is famous for its unique itineraries and destinations. The train covers Deccan plateau region of India including Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and others. Many of the destinations and activities are chosen by Deccan Odyssey are not even remotely match with other top luxury train tours of India. Unique destinations covered are Bijapur, Aihole, Ramtek, Tadoba, Palitana, Sasan Gir, Patan, Modhera, and others. Deccan Odyssey is also famous for unique amenities inside the train. Check the booking detail and other information visit

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Royal Orient Train

Although not a famous luxury train in the country, the Royal Orient Train is a palatial décor and simplified itinerary train among others. Royal Orient Train is gaining more attention in the past few years by those who are looking for a unique experience rather than sticking with classic luxury train tour packages. The train holds one royal itinerary that covers unique destinations like Junagarh, Dilwara, Ahmedabad, and others. The itinerary focuses on providing exotic destinations and activities for those who want something different out of the luxury train tours. Get Booking, Price, date visit this link for

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Golden Chariot

This is a southern luxury train in India that is famous for its iconic color and décor. Focusing more on the southern tourist attractions, the train provides impeccable journeys. Golden Chariot offers two different itineraries. The Pride of the South itinerary focuses on the culture, history, and tradition of southern India and, the Southern Splendor itinerary focuses on the natural beauty, monuments and exotic activities of southern India. Both the itineraries are equally famous among tourists who wish to explore the southern part of this peninsula. Check this link for more info:

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This is not the exclusive list of luxury trains in the country. There are numerous other trains like Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Fairy Queen Express and so on. One luxury train is in no way the same as another. Even two itineraries with almost the same destinations do not give the same style of vacation.

You ought to choose the one that suits you based on the time of your journey, style of activities, destinations covered, starting and ending point of the tour, cost of the journey and so on. Check the official sites of the trains. Or get in touch with a reputed travel agent to choose the right itinerary and luxury train for you and your family.

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