Luxury Travel Scotland: 6 Attractions Which Should Be Added in Your Bucket List


If you’re making a bucket list for a visit in Scotland, then you’re in for a surprise. Scotland is rich in history, culture, traditions, architecture, and art. Prepare your cameras for Instagram-worthy beaches and breathtaking mountain sceneries. Oh, and don’t forget about the mouthwatering food, world famous scotch whiskey, and luxurious cottages in Scotland.

Here are six attractions you should not miss if you’re visiting Scotland:



  1. Edinburgh Castle

Towering above a rocky hill, the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is the country’s top tourist attraction. Honestly, who doesn’t like to see an actual castle? Exploring its fortifications and imagining the people who lived in it during its glory days are a fascinating experience for everyone. And if you’re into sightseeing, you’d be surprised that the castle’s gun holes offer the best views of Edinburgh.

The castle tour includes a viewing of 15th-century Scottish crown jewels, armory, and weapons display in the castle’s great hall and the medieval cannon Mons Meg – one of the world’s largest cannon by caliber. You can also learn the history of the Stone of Destiny, a block of red sandstone used in the coronation of monarchs in Scotland.

  1. Glen Etive

Driving through Scotland’s Glen Etive roads can take you to majestic valleys, open landscapes, and forested areas. Be mesmerized by the peaceful scenery as you drive all the way to Loch Etive ‒ a tranquil loch that runs to the sea. This loch looks majestic with its long and serene waters.


Driving to the loch from Glencoe road can take more than an hour via a single lane road. Be sure to take your time and appreciate the majestic views it offers.

  1. Isle of Lewis and Harris Beaches

If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy beaches, then these conjoined islands should be on your list. Although Scotland may not be one of the most popular destinations for a day on the beach, the islands offer beaches with turquoise waters and white sands. Whether you like breathtaking rocky cliffs, horseshoe coves, or long beaches, these two islands have all of these that you can enjoy.

Ready your cameras for the crystal-clear waters and pale golden sands of Luskentyre beach. However, if you’re thinking of taking a quick dip, keep in mind that you’ll be swimming in Scotland’s cold waters. You may also consider Huisinis beach for kayaking and surfing and both Scarista and Seilebost for wide sandy beaches.


Renting a car in these islands is a great idea so you can explore and find a beach on your own.

  1. Islay Whisky Festival

If you love whiskey, then the annual Islay Whisky Festival is a must on your bucket list. This festival is a week-long festivity of the world famous Scotch whiskey. Indulge yourself in music, workshops, classes, and a bottle or more of whiskey.

Islay is home to Scotland’s most famous distilleries, including Laphroaig, Lagavulin, Bruichladdich, and Ardbeg. Each of the eight distilleries takes turns in hosting a day of festivities during the week-long festival. Make sure to take part and enjoy whatever celebrations the host distillery organizes.


  1. Ben Nevis

Climbing Britain’s highest mountain is a must for anyone that likes the great outdoors. This mountain is featured in the national three peaks challenge, where participants attempt to climb the highest mountains of Scotland, Wales, and England within 24 hours.

Although there are plenty of routes to climb up the summit, the easiest and most simple way that’s suitable for inexperienced mountain climbers is the route from Achintee. This route won’t require too much mountaineering equipment, other than a compass and a map.

Nevertheless, non-experts are strongly advised to only attempt the climb during the months between June and October when the weather is fine. The climb won’t be an easy one, but the breathtaking scenery on the way up and the achievement of reaching the summit will make it all worthwhile.

  1. Balloch Park

This park in West Dunbartonshire is famous for its Fairy Trail ‒ a well-marked trail where you can see fairy houses and other magical designs. The carvings are made by the park’s local tree surgeon, Patrick Muir. He makes these designs by carving cut down trees and making them into fairytale-inspired houses and tree spirits.


Walking through the enchanting and beautiful trail will make for a fascinating experience for the kids and adults alike. Visiting the fairy trail will surely satisfy your need for real-life magic.

Closing Thoughts

Scotland has a plethora of unique sites and beautiful places that everyone can enjoy. If you have the time and money to explore, then use this list to get a good start on your Scottish journey.