Luxury Cars Finding Trouble To Make Way Amongst The Water Filled Roads, Twitter Trolls

source: twitter

The monsoon is battering in all over the country and people are going under hardship for carrying out their day to day life. Roads and drains have overfilled and water is on the street making it hard for the commuters. Potholes in between the roads make the driving much more difficult. Amongst all odds and difficulties people yet find a reason to bring a smile on the face, thanks to netizens. We all love luxury cars and the sound of the engine is just delightful for many, but before buying those cars, you should see if these rich cars are suitable for Indian ugly roads.

Troublesome Luxury Cars

The social media has now identified a new incident for trolls, and this time it is the all expensive luxury cars. Scotties, tucks and Indian cars; somehow drive on the roads which are filled with water but these luxurious cars are finding themselves in trouble facing these obstacles. Taking an act of big courage, people are driving these luxury cars all the way through these bumpy roads and are going in a reckless manner in an effort to avoid the potholes filled with rainwater.