LSC: Anupama Calls Aamir’s Acting Awkward & Says Laal And PK Are Both Brothers From Another Mother

Aamir Khan scored a huge flop in the form of Thugs of Hindostan a few years back. The actor is now making a comeback after four years with Lal Singh Chadha. Film critic Anupama Chopra has shared some surprising reviews and this is what she is saying:

Laal Singh Chaddha review

Aamir Khan’s famous project, Laal Singh Chaddha, hits the theatres today, August 11. It is an official Hindi adaptation of Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump. According to some reviews, it’s not just the pace of the film which is the trouble. It is also, largely, Laal Singh Chaddha himself, as played by Aamir Khan.


In Laal Singh Chaddha, it’s perhaps no coincidence that the Gump-like character is played by Aamir. But, film critic Anupama Chopra thinks the character Laal is very much similar to Aamir’s previous film PK.

Anupama’s review

“Forrest Gump, a boy from Alabama becomes Laal, a Sikh boy from Karoli Pathankot in the Hindi version. The young Laal played by Ahmad Ibn Umar is terrific. The boy translates Laal’s incomprehension of the world in a sort of sweet serenity.”

“But somehow this young boy who has stillness ingrained in his gaze grows up into a man who is essential ‘PK’ with physical ticks. Rajkumar Hirani’s PK and Laal Singh’s brother from another mother. Both have a child-like innocence that puts the cruel world they have to inhabit into perspective. Both offer the wisdom of a fool.”


“Aamir chooses to underline Laal’s uniqueness by rolling his eyes, craning his neck, and blinking too much. The actor does it with absolute sincerity but we can see the strain. Aamir delivers an awkward and artificial performance and it becomes a stumbling block,” reviewed Anupama.

Here’s the video:


Meanwhile, the film is directed by Advait Chandan. And Laal Singh Chaddha is clearly not a remake of the 1994 Hollywood classic Forrest Gump. While the makers have officially taken the rights from the original studios, this film is a mere adaptation of Eric Roth’s original storyboard, which easily blends into India’s history, culture, and tradition.