Love 360 Movie Review: The Film Is A Complete Winner For Its Honesty

Love 360 is a romantic thriller movie directed by Shashank. The movie features Praveen and Rachana Inder in the lead roles while the Music is composed by Arjun Janya.

Love 360 review

Filmmaker Shashank is back with a new love story that brings together fresh faces on-screen with Love 360. Shooted in coastal Karnataka, this is a romantic thriller. Shashank, who had also once helmed a movie with Rocking Star Yash, carries forward his legacy of narrating the most unusual love stories.


Ram (newcomer Praveen) is the guardian angel of Jaanu (Rachana Inder). They both have grown up together in the same orphanage, and are in love and dream of a happy life together. Ram has taken care of Jaanu all his life. Being a person who is suffering from memory loss, she needs constant care and attention. Ram is however opposed to getting her admitted to a hospital for fear of her being branded a ‘mental patient’.

The Plot

The film is promising, especially in the second half, where there are a lot of twists and turns. This becomes the highlight for the viewer, which can spark more discussions later.

The biggest plus point of the film is the story itself which mostly remains honest to its core throughout. The director’s faith in the story is proved right even though he is introducing a newbie in the lead role. Newcomer Praveen creates a promising debut and produces a decent performance. Rachana Inder also did well in her role.


Music, directed by Arjun Janya, is another big thing for Love 360. The songs are top-notch aided by meaningful lyrics and soulful tunes. The film’s song ‘Jagave Neenu’ became hugely popular among the audience.

The film is not lavish and even the story does not demand lavish sets or money shots. The film becomes a complete winner for the simple reason that the story is unexpected.

Here’s the movie trailer: