11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Lotus Fitness – One Of The Most-Preferred Gym Centers In Bengaluru

lotus gym bangalore

When it comes to fitness, today’s generation does not want to compromise on anything. With the majority of celebs including film stars, media people and sports persons making health and fitness their first priority there is a lot to inspire everyone around to join a gym.

But when so many options of gymnasiums are around how can you select the best from all of them? Lotus Fitness provides you 11 reasons why you should choose it:

1. Out Of The Box Health Club  

The mission of Lotus Fitness is to eliminate monotony from workouts and ensure that all their members have a productive and fun-filled experience. This makes it an out-of-the-box health club that can introduce a transformational change in the lives of its clients.

2. Encouraging Physical And Mental Health   

The club is passionate about delivering a spectacular fitness platform to the local communities so that they are encouraged to engage in sports and fitness that is best for their mental as well as physical health.

lotus gym bangalore

3. Holistic Approach To Fitness

Lotus Fitness is a unique health club practicing holistic approach on each aspect of fitness and well-being. That is why it offers exceptional variations in programs so that its clients are engaged and interested in fitness. The club aims to become the most trusted, respected and premium world-class fitness club so that the clients can reach the peaks of their respective physical, emotional, and mental health.

lotus gym bangalore

4. Spacious And Well-Ventilated Platform    

The club offers a well-ventilated and spacious platform for its club members so that they are exposed to multiple types of exercises from swimming, Zumba, Yoga to Functional Training, HIIT and gym. Lotus Fitness Club is the only locally owned and operated health club offering such spaciousness and variety.

lotus gym bangalore

5. Expert & Certified Trainers With Vast Experience

The club recruits highly experienced, certified expert trainers who are specialized in various forms of fitness training including cross training, Kettlebell level, Olympic lift level, advanced personal training, and more.

lotus gym bangalore

6. 16-Hours Reception Facility

With so many hours being lost in commuting and then engaged at work, Lotus Fitness ensures that they are available almost most of the time of the day and late in the evening hours to address all the fitness needs of clients as per their priority.

7. Comfortable Waiting Area

The entire place is big enough to accommodate a comfortable lounge and waiting area while the club members are waiting for their turn, are just relaxing or even awaiting to fulfill some formalities. The pleasant and spacious lounge area makes a visitor feel at ease and happy.

8. UV Treated Swimming Pool

Lotus Fitness Center has a semi-Olympic size swimming pool. Its main features are that the water is UV treated and its temperature is controlled. So, in winter it is warm enough for comfort and cooler in summer so that members do not have to skip swimming.

lotus gym bangalore

9. Fully Equipped Cardio Workout Station

The club has a spacious 2000 sq. ft fully equipped Precor made cardio workout station that offers all types of cardio exercises including a treadmill, AMT, skiing, rowing, and cycling.   

10. World Class Weight Training Area

Lotus has 4000 sq.ft area completely dedicated to world-class weights, training and stretching where members can do strength training and stretching of their shoulder, legs, back, and chest.

lotus gym bangalore

11. Rooftop Football Arena

It has an 8000 sq.ft landscaped rooftop football area along with a jogging track which is just ideal for spring and summer open-air workouts.

lotus gym bangalore

Open: 5:30 AM – 9:30 PM (Mon-Sat) | 7 AM – 1 PM (Sunday)

Where: 105/71, 1st main, 4th Cross Rd, Guru Raghavendra Nagar, Phase 7, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru

Contact: Front Desk Customer Care: 080-4151-6677, 7619266001 /3/4/5

Website: Lotus Sports & Fitness




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