Lord Krishna’s Idol Vandalised In Pakistan During Janmashtami Celebrations, Watch Video

Minorities are always tormented in one or the other way in many countries by some radical majorities who are always trying to destroy the faiths and beliefs of common people around the world. Few days ago in Pakistan; Raja Ranjit Singh’s sculpture was vandalised publicly and today a yet another news comes from Pakistan where Lord Krishna’s idol was vandalised by some islamic radicalists on the eve of Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Temple Vandalised In Pakistan

The incident happened when locals were celebrating Janmashtami rituals at the temple.Journalist Aditya Raj Kaul took to Twitter to share the pictures of the vandalised Krishna Idol. In one picture, the idol can be seen lying desecrated on a piece of red and white cloth. The hands and one leg of the idol have been broken, as can be seen in the picture. In the other three pictures shared by Kaul, a section of Hindu devotees can be seen carrying and attempting to secure the broken pieces of the Krishna idol together.



This incident mongered anger among the hindu community in the province and a lady eyewitness shared the actual scenario of what had happened through a video snippet.


Not The First Time In Pakistan

Well this is not the first time in Pakistan, there has been an increase in attacks against religious minorities’ houses of worship in recent years. The international community has repeatedly chastised the country for failing to protect the interests of its minority.


Earlier this year when Ganpati temple was vandalised

Earlier in the month, a violent mob of Pakistani men had vandalized a Ganesh temple in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Parts of the temple were burnt down and idols were desecrated. Around 7 hindu temples have been vandalised in Pakistan since 2020 and the pakistan administration doesn’t  even  seem to care to actually look into the situation.


India has, on several occasions, raised concerns over the attacks on minorities and non-Islamic religious structures in Pakistan; but each Pak PM Imran Khan comes with some futile tweet and compensates for the actions.