Loose Connection is an Entertainment packed in a Capsule called Web series

loose connection

Cinema as a medium of entertainment has come a long way and as far as the Indian cinema is considered we have a history of 100 years now. An art of storytelling was there from ages but Cinema as a technology glorified it by giving a life to those stories and a soul to those characters on the silver screen. We have seen all forms of Cinema in all kinds of formats right from Mooki films, black and white films, Eastman color movies to today’s TV serials and short films. Over a period of time though the language of Entertainment has changed however Cinema as an art of storytelling in its crux is still the same. In this context, Cinema has moved from silver screen to digital media in the form of web series and ‘Loose Connection’ is the first of this kind in Kannada Film Industry.

Loose Connection – Kannada Web Series

Web series is an entertainment packed in a capsule that will be shelled out at a particular interval of time; dose by dose. When there was no full-fledged web series in Kananda, Loose Connection has come out and it is all about Entertainment and Entertainment.

It is a love story that runs on the track of humor and sarcasm starring Sunil Rao of Excuse me fame, actors like Sindhu Loknath, Anupama Gowda, Vinayaka Joshi, RJ Vicky and many other known names in the Kannada theater and TV serials. The first episode of the series is released on Sakath Studio’s youtube channel and so far the response is great with 100k + views and innumerable shares.

loose connection
Image Credits – Sakath Studio

The series is produced by Sakath Studio and Pentaprim Studio. It is a beautiful portray that has put the life of today’s generation on the canvas of dark comedy and the first episode which has released now has a flavor of it. So, if you haven’t watched the first episode (webisode) of Loose Connection then check it out. Subscribe to Sakath Studio’s Youtube channel and stay tuned to upcoming webisodes.




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