15 Longest Running Kannada Movies Which are a Pure Mass + Class Hits

longest running kannada movies

There was a time when movies used to run for a year or two and the craze they had was of next level. Even today, movies are getting released but 100 days and 200 days are a very rare feat to achieve. Today’s time and audience as compared to past have hugely changed but a few movies come with a right mix of mass and class elements in it. Among such blockbusters movies of Sandalwood, here are a few longest running Kannada movies which have made a huge mark in the industry.

Bangarada Manushya – 2 Years

Being one of Dr.Rajkumar’s all-time hit movies, Bangarada Manushya ran for 2 years making a huge impact on the audience. It is a 1972 released family entertainer directed by Siddalingaiah and produced by K.C.N Gowda. The movie had Annavru, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan in the lead roles along with Vajramuni, Balakrishna, Dawrkish, and others in supporting roles. Bangarada Manushya is ‘The’ Longest running Kannada movies of all time.

Longest Running Kannada movies

Shankar Guru – 1.5 Years

Shankar Guru was one of the highest grossing Kannada movies for a very long time and it ran for a year. It is an 1878 released action entertainer directed by V.Somashekar and produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar. The movie had Annavru, Kanchana, Jayamala, Padmapriya in the lead roles along with Vajramuni, Sampath, Udayshankar, Balakrishna, and others in supporting roles.

blockbuster kannada movies

Nanjundi Kalyana – 1 Year

A movie largely popular for its song named ‘Olage seridare gundu’ was one of the big hits of 1989. It ran for more than a year across Karnataka. The movie was a romantic comedy entertainer directed by M.S Rajashekar.

It starred newcomers Raghavendra Rajkumar and Malashri with Girija Lokesh and Sundar Krishna Urs as the lead cast. The movie was based on Parvathavani’s Kannada drama which was a translation of Shakespear’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew.’

good kannada movies

Nagarahaavu – 100 Days in 3 Centres

Naagarahaavu is a 1973 Indian Kannada language film directed by Puttanna Kanagal. The movie was based on T.R Subba Rao’s (Ta.Ra.Su) three novels; Naagarahaavu, Ondu Gandu Eradu Hennu, and Sarpa Mathsara. The story of Naagarahaavu revolves around the characters ‘Ramachari’ played by Dr.Vishnuvardhan and Chamayya Meshtru, played by K.S Ashwath. Naagarahaavu holds the record for being the first Kannada movie to complete 100 days in three centres.

Longest Running Kannada movies

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Premaloka – 1 Year

One of Ravichandran’s career best, Prema Loka was initially a flop but due to word-of-mouth and repeat audiences, it grossed over nine times its budget. It ran for more than a year across Karnataka and even today, its songs are iconic. Prema Loka is a 1987 bilingual romantic film written and directed by V. Ravichandran.

good kannada movies

Jeevana Chaitra – 52 Weeks

Jeevana Chaitra was a re-entry of Dr.Rajkumar after 3 years and it was an instant hit. It saw a huge box-office success and ran for a total of 52 weeks in theatres. The film re-assured the popularity of Dr.Raj and the hold he had on Kannada audience. It is a 1992 film directed by Dorai – Bhagwan which was based on a novel Vyapthi Prapthi, written by Vishalakshi Dakshinamurthy.

best kannada movies

Janumada Jodi – 1 Year

Shiva Rajkumar starred Janumada Jodi was a huge hit which is said to have collected Rs.10 crore, highest ever in KFI at that time. It ran for more than a year across Karnataka satisfying both critics and audiences of all kind. It is a 1996 film directed by T.S Nagabharana and was based on a novel Malela Jeev, written by Pannalal Patel.

longest running kannada movies

Yajamana – 1 Year

Yajamana being one of Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s career-best went on to become the highest grossing Kannada movie of that time breaking the record of Circle Inspector. It is a 2000 film directed by R.Sheshadri and Radha Bharathi which ran an year and above across the state.

best kannada movies

Mungaru Male – Longest running in PVR

Directed by Yograj Bhatt, Mungaru Male has literally changed the face of KFI. It screened continuously for a year in Multiplex and holds the record of a longest running film at a multiplex. Also, it holds a national record in Indian Cinema for running one year in PVR. Mungaru Male ran over 865 days in Karnataka and said to have collected around 50 -70 crore.

Longest Running Kannada movies

Jogi – 100 Days in 61 Theatres

It is one of the biggest blockbusters of KFI directed by Prem who had made movies like Excuse me and Kariya before. Words fall flat to express the craze that this movie titled ‘Jogi’ had created. A movie that was released in 2005 broke all the records of that time to emerge as the full-fledged commix of class and mass elements. It is a 2006 released film which ran for 100 days in 61 theatres across the state.

blockbuster kannada movies

Apthamitra – 200+ Days

A 2004 release film directed by P.Vasu with Dr.Vishnuvardhan and Soundarya in lead was the blockbuster hit of the year. It ran for more than a year pleasing audiences of all kind, from mass to class. Till today, Nagavalli can create a nightmare.

best kannada movies

Milana – 500 Days

Milana is a 2007 released family entertainer which saw a massive commercial success and completed a total of 500-day run in theatres. It starred Puneeth Rajkumar, Parvathi in the lead roles.

good kannada movies

OM – Re-released for 632 times

A script that narrates the story of underworld mystery with Dr. Shivrajkumar in the lead role has the record of getting re-released for more than 632 times. OM is such a kind of movie that cannot be re-created by Upendra himself and if we have to put this in his own words, he said, “ OM just happened and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

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best kannada movies

Chandra Chakori – 500+ days

A debut movie of Uggram fame Shri Murali, written and directed by S.Narayan, Chandra Chakori ran for 500+ days. It was a blockbuster movie loved across Karnataka.

good kannada movies

Raajakumara – 1 Year

With power star Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead role, this movie continued to hit the emotions of every Cinema lover in the state to become one of the most loved movies of the year. It became a landmark movie for Puneeth Rajkumar and a second straight hit for the director Santosh Anandaram

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best kannada movies

So, this was about longest running Kannada movies. We can go on like this if we consider ‘100 days’ as the criteria. In fact, 90% of Dr.Rajkumar’s movies alone have completed 100 days.

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