Lok Sabha To Go Paperless From Next Session, Assures Speaker Om Birla

The lower house is soon to become paperless from next sessions, an initiative which will save crores of rupees. Lok Sabha speaker announced this system and urged lawmakers to use digital alternatives on Wednesday. This decision was appreciated by several members of the house as it will help the house go digitalized.

Paperless parliament

Om Birla, who is a newly elected speaker after the government formation in May 2019, announced on Wednesday that Lok Sabha, the house of people, will become paperless within next two or three months or from the next session of parliament. He also said that this initiative will save crores of rupees to the state exchequer.


“We should go completely digital. We will give an option form to members who can choose whether they want to go digital or not. I am hopeful that we will set an example for the rest of the country,” Birla told the House.

During the Zero hour, several members praised the speaker for stating such an initiative. This system will display the member’s name and division number on the screen in the house.

“I am not saying we will go paperless from the next session only. But as and when possible we should reduce the usage of paper. I am not saying this will happen overnight but let us move towards doing it,” he added. Source 


Lok Sabha to be digitalized

Following system for going paperless, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Kalyan Banerjee, informed the speaker that the Parliament should have effective WiFi services so that they could work without any hindrance. However, Birla then assured the House that if any member needed paper he or she would be provided in case of WiFi failure.

Birla also informed that various initiatives will be taken to improve the functioning of the House. There are also plans to nake the Parliament canteen in the central hall into a 100% digital payment mode.