Lockdown Extension: To Be Announced By The Centre Soon: BSY After Video-Conference With PM Modi

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Courtesy: The Hindu

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has revealed that ‘lockdown extension’ is “inevitable”, after a 4-hour long video-conference with PM Narendra Modi.

Excerpts from the conversation with PM Modi

BSY touched upon many issues in the press conference, although the priority was given to the case of lockdown extension. The Karnataka CM said:


The Prime Minister told us that we must not compromise on lockdown and that he was receiving suggestions to extend it for another 15 days. In the next 15 days, it will be relaxed in a graded manner. He said that in the next one or two days the Centre will announce guidelines for the next 15 days. The PM said the next two or three weeks are critical and this time will decide whether we are successful.” 

However, BSY added that the next lockdown will be a tad different than the one that happened in the last three weeks. Speaking on the same, he revealed:

Government offices will be allowed to function with partial strength. The PM will announce all this in two days.” 


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PM Modi could be arriving on the small-screen again

Karnataka’s suggestion to the PM

Karnataka suggested that lockdown could be extended into three categories. One for the hotspots where areas would be sealed off, the other being regular lockdown and the last being areas where restricted vehicular movement would be permitted.

Giving further details, BSY said:

The PM has held a conference with everyone (CMs) for 4 hours. India’s COVID-19 problem is increasing and we need to stop its spread in society so we have decided to do a lockdown. Now we have 2.5 lakh PPE kits. In the following days, we will have more.” 


Source: The News Minute