Lockdown Extension: Here Are The Containment Zones In ‘Red-Zoned Bengaluru’

bengaluru seal down

The Central Government, in a notification through the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), announced that the lockdown in the country would be extended for two more weeks until May 17th. Also, the entire country has been classified as Red, Green, or Orange Zones for further steps to be taken to fight the outbreak.

Bengaluru Red Zoned

Both Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural, along with Mysuru have been demarcated as the three Red Zones in the state. For districts containing more than one municipal corporation, further classification can be made based on the number of active cases.


As per the Health Ministry’s update, containment zones in these districts will be delineated based on Mapping of cases & contacts, Geographical dispersion of cases and contacts, Area with well-demarcated perimeter, and Enforceability.

Depending on these factors, for urban areas residential colony/mohallas/municipal wards or police-station area/municipal zones/towns, etc. as appropriate can be designated as containment zones. Similarly, for rural areas – villages/clusters of villages or groups of police stations/gram panchayats/blocks, etc. as appropriate can be designated as containment zones.

The area should be appropriately defined by the district administration/local urban body with technical inputs from the local level. Further, a buffer zone around the containment zone has to be demarcated.


Containment Zones in Bengaluru

The Containment Zones identified in Bengaluru are: KR Market, Yeshwanthapura, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Padarayanapura, Jagajeevanaram Nagar, Chalavadhi Palya, Hampi Nagar, Bapuji Nagar, Deepanjali Nagae, Karesandra, Byrasandra, Gurappana Palya, JP Nagar, and Shakambari Nagar. The activities planned in these areas are:

  • Stringent Perimeter control 
  • Establishing clear entry and exit points
  • No movement except for medical emergencies and essential goods & services 
  • No unchecked influx of population 
  • People transiting to be recorded & followed through IDSP 
  • Active search for cases through the house to house surveillance by special teams formed for the purpose 
  • Testing of all cases as per sampling guidelines o Contact tracing  
  • Clinical management of all confirmed cases

Source: TV9