Located in Jayanagar, This Moghul Durbar Restaurant Fulfills All Your Cravings For Meat, Till 12 AM

Moghul Durbar Restaurant

Jayanagar is an area which is famous for a few good restaurants serving authentic Bengaluru vegetarian food. However, in a city with a unique food culture like Bengaluru, it is expected that diversity is maintained across all the areas in the town. And in Jayanagar’s case, it has been Moghul Durbar Restaurant which has been contributing to the area’s food diversity.

Located on the Tilak Nagar Main Road in Jayanagar, Moghul Durbar Restaurant is one of the happening non-veg food joints across the locality. Serving North Indian & BBQ dishes, this restaurant has become famous for its unique Broast Chicken. Open throughout the week, this paradise functions for 12 hours every day from 12 pm to 12 am.

The Broast Chicken

Moghul Durbar Restaurant is a place to indulge if you are a big-time fan of non-vegetarian food. Specializing in North Indian and BBQ dishes, this hotel deserves multiple-visits for a variety of food and it’s taste.

Do not even think about leaving the restaurant without having the Broast Chicken. Priced at Rs 170, this deep-fried serving is enough to fulfill all your cravings for some good meat. The Biryanis, Chicken Kabab and the Mutton items are also equally good and effective in making your taste buds happy.

Moghul Durbar Restaurant
Irani Chicken

The Mood inside the house

Moghul Durbar might not be the right place if you are looking for some pleasant ambiance. Most of the cases, this joint are crowded and that affects the duration within which you will receive your order. Although the staff is good, they might not impress you with their hurried working style.

The management does need to have second thoughts about the cleanliness maintained at the restaurant. However, the hygiene and quality of the food is not affected by this. That makes Moghul Durbar one of the best places for takeaways. Nonetheless, the restaurant does hold a bad record in the packaging time consumed by them for the takeaways.

Moghul Durbar Restaurant


Moghul Durbar Restaurant has reached this height mainly because of 1 dish. The Broast Chicken. This item is just beyond description. Deep fried in oil, the Broast Chicken is served with the Mayo sauce which actually accentuates the taste of the dish. Perfectly spiced and flavored, this dish will fill your stomach with six pieces if you decide to invest Rs 170 on yourself.

Apart from the Broast chicken, the taste of Mutton Biryani will also be remembered by you after leaving the restaurant. If you have had it along with the Chicken Kabab, the memory would be even spicier.

If you are a group of around 30 who are planning to visit this restaurant then Moghul Durbar has a special combo-deal which will surely surprise you.

Open: 12 PM – 12 AM

Where: 4th block, 76/1-2, 30th Cross Rd, Tilak Nagar, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.




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