If Music Be The Food Of Love. Get A Live Band!

live band

There’s an age-old question when planning a wedding. Do you hire a band or a DJ? As with most of the choices involved in planning a wedding, it really comes down to personal preference and what suits you as a couple. However, it cannot be denied that a live band certainly shakes things up and nearly always had your guests dancing.

DJ on your Big Day

Whilst there are certain advantages to siding with a DJ on your big day, a band offers an ambiance that digital music simply cannot. The added excitement of live performers is something to look forward to and whilst it cannot be denied that there is a greater risk of something going wrong, such as an unexpected sneeze during your first dance, the same can be said of hiring a DJ. The nice thing about wedding bands is that they can really lend to the theme of your wedding, so say you are having a chic, classy affair and would like some smooth jazz, then a band is defiantly the way to go.

When deciding on your wedding band it is always advisable to not only check out their reviews online but also, where possible to go and see them live. Whilst they may be the music and genre you love, if you don’t like the singer’s voice then they probably aren’t the best choice for your magical day. Not only does this give you an opportunity to hear them live but it can also lend you the chance to see how other people respond to their music too, giving you a clear idea of whether or not your own guest will be getting up to boogie.


live band

Punch Line Drum Roll

And let’s not forget, band members won’t be standing static behind a mixing board. With a band, you get performance and not just a playlist. If you want them to, they will interact with guys, do shout-outs and even play instrumentals in the background for the toasts. Nothing quite like a punch line drum roll for when the best man gives his speech! Bands will tailor the experience to your needs, and the can practice your songs prior to the gig.

Some couples worry about how a band will deal with the reception space and fear not having a stage. Almost all wedding bands are adaptable and won’t mind performing on the floor or in the corner of your hall. They are used to it and are able to perform just as well with or without.

Wedding bands tend to only play weddings and therefore a more rehearsed in many ways for a wedding crowd. The fact that they can all play their instruments is really great should the worst happen and the venue suffers a power cut, as at least you and your guests can still dance to candlelight.

Of course, all of this isn’t to say that you can’t also book a DJ. Most bands and DJ’s are happy to work together as it gives them both the opportunity to take breaks.