Likely Reasons Why BJP Wanted To Replace BS Yediyurappa

BS Yediyurappa

Ending days of suspense as BS Yediyurappa on Monday announced that he would send in his resignation as Karnataka Chief Minister, exactly two years after he took over the top job. Speculations spurred across the pandits for a potential reason for his resignation. Well looking at his history and past tricks, some reasons justify his exit.

Here are the five potential reasons why BJP replaced BS Yediyurappa

The age factor

Yediyurappa holds a rare distinction in the BJP. At 77 years of age, he is the oldest among all the incumbent BJP chief ministers, party’s office-bearers and Union ministers, going against the party’s unwritten policy of retiring its leaders from active politics on attaining 75 years of age.


Senior leaders like L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi were given the tickets out of the active politics citing their age and since Yediyurappa being an exception; it was probably a high time..

The caste factor

BSY is the Lingayat strongman for years now and has played a major role in securing the Lingayat votes in the BJP’s ballots. Lingayats forms around 16 percent of total voter population in Karnataka and majority of them are BSY supporters.However, in order to build a larger base regardless of just a single community; there is a need to focus on more youths than a particular Individual for the BJP. Certainly his resignation has opened up cries for many future young leaders for the CM post.

The traitor tag

Despite being credited as the most decorated leaders for BJP in Karnataka and pioneer leader in spreading the BJP influence in the state, he had once left the BJP’s shore in 2012 after he sulked accusations against him.


He formed his own party Karnataka Janata Paksha, and this cost the BJP during the 2013 Assembly elections.This desertion from the party was not something accepted by the BJP top brass and this grudge might be one of the reasons.

Not being a Pet

Though Yediyurappa was alleged and charged of several corruption and other cases, he had his own set of principles and agendas. He didn’t play the role of a puppet for the high command and always liked a sort of Independence in his conduct of governance. Eventually the command would prefer a candidate who listens to them.

Family overreach and corruption charges

Even before the pandemic hit the country Yediyurappa was among the top leaders to have indulged in several corruption allegations, also his knack of bribing the opposition MLAs to form the government has been a major talk. At the same time his younger son BY Vijayendra has been overtaking the senior leaders of the state and his attitude of a proxy CM has created a lot of discomfort.


This untime resignation of BSY has opened a lots of criticism and the political drama in Karnataka continues. This time it’s probably an invitation for yet another revamp tricks by the BJP in the state after unloading its old stock in the centre.