12 Things From The Life Of Manohar Parrikar Proves Why He Was Loved So Much And Respected By All

manohar parrikar

The Chief Minister of Goa and former Defence Minister of India, Manohar Parrikar breathed his last on March 17 just a year after he was detected with pancreatic cancer. Parrikar was 63-years-old and stated some time ago that he would like to serve Goa till his last breath. Here are the 12 most interesting things to know about Manohar Parrikar: 

1. Known For Signature Look

Manohar Parrikar used to stand out among the others mostly because of his signature look when he was the chief minister of Goa. Irrespective of whether it was the wedding of his son or political meetings, he always used to wear a half-sleeved bush shirt, simple footwear, and creased trousers.


Put Service Over Personal Tragedies

The leader of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) responsible for holding his party’s alliance in Goa always put his service as a public servant above any personal tragedies.

He lost his wife Medha to cancer in 2001, just a few months after taking oath as the chief minister of Goa for the first time in 2000. But Parrikar did not let that affect his working or responsibilities.

Parrikar single-handedly managed the dual role of being a father to two teenage sons-Abhijat and Utpal and also as the head of the state.


Never Took Government Benefits

Even though he was the CM of Goa, Manohar Parrikar always lived in his own house and used his own Innova car to him as the leader of the opposition. He never used the fancier SUV which is at the service of a CM.

Traveled In Economy Class

Even after becoming the CM of Goa, Parrikar never stopped traveling in economy class. Rather he was quite famous for using public transport modes like rickshaws for traveling outside Goa.

manohar parrikar

Paid For Mobile Bills Personally

He was so dedicated to his mantra of selfless service that he even paid the bills for his personal mobile from his pocket.


First IIT Graduate To Become A CM/MLA

Manohar Parrikar was an IIT metallurgical engineering graduate and completed his graduation in 1978 from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He is the first IITian to serve as MLA or the chief minister of any state.

manohar parrikar

Worked 16 to 18 Hours Daily

Parrikar was a workaholic and even when he was 62 years old as the CM of Goa he used to work for 16 to 18 hours daily.

 Goa’s Mr. Clean

The former Indian Defence Minister was lovingly called Goa’s Mr. Clean after he bashed the illegal mining racket of the state. Parrikar suspended and canceled licenses of many traders. He also suspended corrupt block development officers, lower-rank staff and panchayat secretaries.


Reduced Petrol Prices By Rs. 11

Parrikar ensured that things were made easy for the citizens of Goa. During his third stint as the chief minister of Goa in 2011, he reduced the prices of petrol by Rs. 11 and overnight became popular. Parrikar through such actions showed that he was a man of his words.

manohar parrikar

Took Major Decisions As Defence Minister

During his term as the Defence Minister of India, the Indian army executed two major activities. First was the surgical strike in Uri and the second was the elimination of Naxalites who forced their way into the boundaries of Myanmar in 2015.

Known For Clean Image

Manohar Parrikar was a pracharak of RSS and was well known for his clean image. Through his administrative skills, he left an indelible mark on the politics of Goa. He was also an organized taskmaster.

manohar parrikar

Introduced Social Security Schemes

Parrikar’s popularity grew leaps and bounds after he introduced two social security schemes. Grih Adhar (monthly income for housewives) and Ladli Lakshmi (financial support for marriage of a girl child) were two novel schemes introduced by Parrikar.


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