10 Life Lessons from Ganesha and the Profound Spiritual Significance of his Body Elements


Ganesha, the lord of Wisdom is the most loved form of creation worshiped by people from all walks of life. In India, in this culture, we have deities glorified for well being of a different kind; wealth, wisdom, peace, happiness and so on. In this context, Ganesha is seen as the God of foresight and sagacity as depicted in Hindu Puranas. An elephant-headed form with four hands and a big stomach is not just a Murthi. If we look in depth, there is an awakening lesson for us to learn. He is a source of learning with every body part of him conveying the profound lessons of life. Each element of Ganesha’s body has its own spiritual significance. That’s the reason we bow down to him.

Life Lessons from Ganesha

life lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Head

The Big-headed Ganesha is saying us to ‘Think Big’. His elephant head symbolizes intelligence and distinct brain power.

lord ganesha

Ganesha’s Ears

The Big elephant ears of Ganesha says us to ‘Listen more’. Those who listen more will have the opportunity to learn more. The ears of Ganesha signify the importance of listening.

life lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Eyes

The tiny eyes of Ganesha signify the importance of concentration. It means to concentrate and look within to explore the highest possibilities of life.

lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Urdha Mark

Urdha mark is the Trishul we see on Ganesha’s forehead. Trishul, the weapon of Shiva symbolizes Time (past, present, future). Ganesha having it on his forehead says his mastery over time. In its subtlest form, Urdha mark motivates us to work on our energies through Yoga and gain a mastery over our own life energies.

life lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Mouth

Ganesha’s small mouth means ‘Talk Less’. The one who has a mastery over his words can win anything and everything in this world; even a battle! Ganesha with his small mouth is teaching us to value our words, to listen, think, do, and then talk.

lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Single Tusk

There is a mythological story behind Ganesha’s single tusk (the other one is broken). It indicates Ganesha’s ability to overcome dualism in life. It is important for us to differentiate between Good and Bad. The lesson here is to keep good thoughts and to throw out the evil thoughts.

life lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Belly

The BIG Belly of Ganesha is saying us to ‘Digest all Good and Bad in life.’ The one who can see the life as the way it is and be able to perceive things without any conclusion is the happiest one. The Big Belly simply signifies Ganesha’s ability to swallow the sorrows of the universe and protect the world.

lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Legs

If you notice the position of Ganesha’s legs then you see that one is resting on the ground and another one raised. It indicates a way of living. For human beings, both social and spiritual phase of life are important but the balance is an issue. Here, Ganesha’s position of legs signifies that balance.

life lessons from ganesha

Ganesha’s Arms

The four arms of Ganesha signifies the four inner attributes of the subtle body. They are Manas (mind), Buddhi (Intellect), Ahankara (Ego), and Chitta (Consciousness).

life lessons from ganesha

The First Arm holding an Axe – It is a symbol of the detachment of all the desires.

The Second Arm holding a Lotus – It symbolizes the highest goal of human evolution.

The Third Arm in a Pose of Blessing – It symbolizes protection and guidance to a spiritual seeker.

The Fourth Arm holding Modaka – It symbolizes the sweetness of inner joy.

So, this way, Ganesha stands as the very embodiment of Spirituality, making a way for us to seek the higher dimensions of life. We hope that you got some life lessons from Ganesha. Wishing you all a Happy Ganesha Chaturthi.

Ganapathi Bappa Moraya!

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