‘Let My Husband Work From Office’: Goenka Shares Message From His Employee’s Wife

During the covid times we have seen bizzare incidents and requests from people to work from home and other similar antics. Well,  this one will really crack you up; when an employee’s wife texts messages to the boss of her husband requesting to resume work from the office and save their marriage. Isn’t that crazy? Indeed, a WTF moment for the boss itself to receive such a message from his employee’s home and that too with a crazy reason.

Chairman Shares This Hilarious Message

RPG Enterprises Chairman Harsh Goenka on Thursday shared a hilarious message he received from an employee’s wife, requesting him to save her marriage. In a tweet, the Industrialist shared the desperate plea of the woman to allow her husband to work from the office instead of working from home. Enumerating reasons, she says that she wants her husband to get back to office for work because of his incessant demand for coffee and food.



She mentioned that her husband is fully vaccinated and will maintain full COVID protocols while at work. “Dear Sir. I am the wife of your employee Manoj. This is a humble appeal to allow him to work from office now. He is doubly vaccinated and will maintain all covid protocols. If work from home continues for some time, our marriage will definitely not work anymore. He drinks coffee ten times a day, sits in different rooms and leaves them in a mess, constantly asks for food. I have even seen him fall asleep during work calls. I already have two children to look after. Seeking your support to get my sanity back,” reads the text message.

Twitter Erupts With Memes

As soon as this message was shared it went viral in no time and similar reactions came from many people and corporates who have once in their life had experienced such weird moments and that wife’s desperateness with hilarious memes.


A pretty hard decision for a boss like him as well, when such weird text arrives and has the potential to leave in splits. Well, let’s hope that employee is safe at his house if his boss does not nod on the request made by his wife.