Lesser-Known and Behind the Scene Stories of Kannada Blockbuster Hit Movie Jogi


If there is any Kannada movie that is worth mentioning after OM is none other than Dr. ShivaRajkumar starred Jogi. It is one of the biggest blockbusters of KFI directed by Prem who had made movies like Excuse me and Kariya before. Words fall flat to express the craze that this movie titled ‘Jogi’ had created. A movie that was released in 2005 broke all the records of that time to emerge as the full-fledged commix of class and mass elements. It is said that if a movie does well in the Northern part of Karnataka then it can excel in every theatre, and Jogi was a real instance to it. Come, let us know more about this movie and a few behind the scene stories in today’s read.

Jogi is a story that runs in the backdrop of the underworld and portrays the wistful feeling of a mother who comes to the city in search of her son. Jogi is a pure native Kannada movie that won the hearts of Cinema fanatics through its songs, screenplay, and the colloquial slang dialogues. A well-crafted movie marked a humongous success in the industry making Prem a star overnight. On the other hand, Shiv Rajkumar who had given hits like OM, Janumada Jodi, and AK 47 again proved that he is a true darling of masses in Karnataka.

We thought to revisit the glory of this blockbuster film and so we are here with a few unknown facts and behind the scene stories of Jogi.

Jogi was written Exclusively for Shiv Rajkumar

It was a time when Director Prem had two big hits like Excuse me and Kariya in his portfolio. Excuse me starring Suni Raoh, Ajay, and Ramya was a massive class hit whereas Karitya starring Darshan Thoogudeep turned out to be a gargantuan mass hit. When Prem was looking for the next project, Madhu Banagrappa requested him to prepare a script for Shiv Rajkumar and that is how it all started.


The Magical Four Lines

Easily, Prem is one of the passionate and raw directors of KFI who has the prowess to create something that can move the masses to the excitement. Referring to one of his interviews, it is said that the four lines written by Prem itself inspired him to weave the entire script of Jogi. In fact, these four lines are used in the title song too.

”ಮಾನವನ ಜೀವಿತದಿ… ಬೇಡುವಿದೆ ಕಾಯಕವು… ಕೈ ತುಂಬಾ ಇದ್ದೋನೆ ಯೋಗಿ… ಕಡೆ ತನಕ ಬೇಡೋನೆ ಜೋಗಿ..”

Jogi behind the scene

The First Short of Jogi

If you have watched the movie then you see the scene of Dr.Rajkumar and Parvathamma Rajkumar filling the Jolige of Shiv Rajkumar. The movie starts with this scene, and the goosebumps it gave to the fans was beyond words. In fact, this is the first shot of the movie and post that, Dr.Raj caressed Shivanna with a kiss and that sentiment speaks throughout the cinema.


Arundathi Nag had a Knee Operation

One of the strongest factors that contributed to the success of Jogi is the impeccable mother-son sentiment that was portrayed. The combo of Arundathi Nag (Shankar Nag’s wife) and Shiv Rajkumar worked in a fashion that it moved the audience to tears. There is a scene where these two has to dance to a peppy music scored by Gurukiran. On one end, there is ever-energetic Shiv Rajkumar and on another end, there is Arundathi Nag playing the character of an aged mother.

It is said that Arundathi Nag had a knee operation while she was in the shoot of this dance. Prem forced and pushed her to get that one shot which was one of the best in the movie. It is also said that the actress literally slept on the mortuary to get that authentic feel to the climax scene.

Jogi Shiv rajkumar

Character of Yogesh

Yogesh’s character impressed a lot of audiences and his role played an important portrayal in the movie. It is said that Shiv Rajkumar is the one who selected Raghu Ram for the character of Yogesh. Raghu was informed to imagine that his own friend’s mother has died and to get that feel in the climax scene; no doubt the climax was so heart-rending.


Climax Scene

The climax of Jogi was so tear-jerking that it became the greatest USP of the movie. Although a few reviewed that the movie could have ended with a happy beat but the perspectives always differ.

There is a shot in the climax scene where the actor has to fall in a drainage. Usually, when a star actor is there in the scene, they go for a set. However, Shiv Rajkumar fell in the real drainage and said, ‘Sumne Yakkamma Time Waste’ and moved on.

Dr.Raj became emotional after watching Jogi

When Dr.Raj, Shiv Rajkumar, and Rajnikanth watched Jogi in a special show, Rajkumar busted out and became dead silent. Looking at Raj in tears, Rajnikanth also became emotional and Shiv Rajkumar cried like a baby.

Jogi behind the scene

Jogi’s Records

Jogi was the first movie to release in 72 prints across Karnataka in 172 cinemas. The film bagged state awards; Shiv Rajkumar for the best actor, Prem for the best screenplay, and Arundathi Nag for the best-supporting actress.

The movie was a crazy AF in 2005-2006 and its music was heard everywhere with songs like Hodi Maga, Bin Laden, and Kode Thaayi marking a benchmark in the audio hits. Interestingly, Prem writes the lyrics for all the songs and lends his voice to one of the songs in the list.


Jogi in Telugu and Tamil

After an elephantine success in Kannada, Jogi was remade in Tamil as Parattai Engira Azhagu Sundaram starring Dhanush and Meera Jasmin, and in Telugu as Yogi, starring Prabhas and Nayanathara.

Jogi Shiv rajkumar

These were a few facts about Jogi and lesser-known behind the scene stories. If you have anything to share about this topic then please let us know in the comments below.

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