You should definitely drive to Mysuru for a Mind-blowing Biriyani from Hotel Hanumanthu (Since 1930)

hotel hanumanthu

When we are going through the chaos of the city, the muddling holy mess of traffic, tiresome office, and the ever boring Khara bath’s of Bengaluru, we have something Desi culinary of Karnataka around us to make our day. Yes, we are talking about the Hotel Hanumanthu of Mysore whose popularity dates back to years. From common man to celebrities like Dr. Rajkumar, Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Rajnikanth, and Sudeep, Hotel Hanumanthu is a landmark place for Biriyani in the city of palaces.

hotel hanumanthu

Hotel Hanumanthu is a Must-Stop Place in Mysuru

End your craving for the World’s best Boti (Mutton Dish), Paaya (trotter soup) and Kaima ball fry in this highly acclaimed non-veg food destination of Mysore, Hotel Hanumanthu. You feel like you are in heaven when you put the piping hot mutton pulao in your mouth if we are not exaggerating.

Must-Try items

The menu of Hanumanthu includes Mutton Pulao, Mutton Chops, Leg Soup, Chicken Fry, and every other Non-Veg dish your taste buds are craving for. Everything on their menu is delicious but the best order is pepper chicken fry and mutton pulao. The meat will be so smooth and firm that you can just tease it away from the bone with your two fingers. The lemon Rasam that is served at the end of the meal is something you can’t slurp without making a sound.

hotel hanumanthu

Hotel Hanumanthu, Since 1930.

Hanumanthu is one of the oldest and finest Non-Veg hotels of Mysuru founded by Sri Hanumanthu. It’s been more than 70 years, the hotel has still retained its charm of the day when it was started in Mandi Mohalla Mysore. Today, it has come all the way and now, it is 4th generation carrying on. The hotel has more than five branches in the city and is attracting biriyani lovers from all the four corners of the world.

Useful Tip: It will be highly crowded and so make sure you plan and come here. It is better if you visit the main branch for an authentic taste as the sub-branches, sometimes lack that magical appeal.

Where: The original Hanumanthu Hotel since 1930 is located in #1720 Akbar Road Mandi Mohalla and the second branch is located in BN Road, Mansion Mohalla, Mysuru.

Open: 1 PM – 4PM and 7:30 PM – 10 PM

hotel hanumanthu
Dean Jones, Australia.

So, if you have already been to this place then let us know your experience in the comments below. Tag your friends and plan for a visit to Mysuru and for a plate of Biriyani from Hotel Hanumanthu.

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