Exclusive ‘Learn Kannada Smart App’ To Make Non-Kannadigas Learn Kannada Quickly

learn kannada smart app

Bengaluru is the IT hub of India. Naturally, you will find engineers and technologists flocking to this capital of Karnataka in large numbers. Rather today, there are more people from other states living in Bengaluru owing to its multi-city culture. Most of these people do not know the local Kannada language and even find it difficult to learn it. Due to lack of resources, they end up saying, “Kannad Gotilla” (Exceptions excluded). That is where the exclusive “Learn Kannada Smart App” can be of great help.

Features Of ‘Learn Kannada Smart App’

First launched on November 30, 2017, in more than a year the app has now grown tremendously both user-base and technology wise. The app is exclusively for the people who want to learn spoken Kannada while on the move. It comes with multiple interesting features which keep the users on track even when they are engaged in their busy careers and personal life.


learn kannada smart app

The app serves as a built-in Intelligent Assitant by translating English words into Kannada or vice-versa just on a single click. The smart app suggests examples for the words you like to know the meaning of. It also shows a “most-liked features by users” message. With the help of this app, you can learn to pronounce each and every word in Kannada properly. Thus it gives you the confidence to speak the language in public in a fluent way.

learn kannada smart app

The smart notifications of “Learn Kannada Smart App” teach you one word every day so you can learn the pronunciation without opening the app. This way, you can be on the track even during your busy schedule. From teaching how to write Kannada letter through animations to providing you scribble pad on-screen for practicing, the app helps you in multiple ways.

Things To Know About Kannada Smart App

The app offers you multiple tools so that you can learn Kannada very fast. They include:


Instant Words Translation:

The tool translates an English word in Kannada instantly when you speak through the app. It also offers Kannada to English mode that you can switch onto whenever you want to speak a Kannada word.

learn kannada smart app

Basic Course In 10 Days:

The app offers a pre-designed 10 days basic course if who want to learn the basic spoken Kannada language in a very short time. It teaches you words used regularly along with pronunciation.

Flexi Course:

You can learn this course at your own pace. The app developers have divided it into alphabets, conversation, words, random magic, and antonyms.



In this section, you can learn to pronounce and even write all the 49 letters of Kannada language with the help of animations.


Through this section, you can learn Kannada words according to a category. As of now, the app offers 18 different categories.

Download: Learn Kannada Smart App


learn kannada smart app

The exclusive “ Learn Kannada Smart App” also comes with a section containing 300 MCQ questions with 3 difficulty levels. Users can also get a certificate after completing each set.

What People Are Saying About This App

The App has been very productive for users willing to learn Kannada. With 90,000 + downloads, today it is considered one of the best Kannada teaching apps available on the Google play store. The App is being used in more than 63 countries worldwide and here are a few testimonials reflecting their prowess.

“I always had the zeal to learn new languages so that I communicate with everyone freely. Being naive in this language, I looked around for assistance to learn. And in my this expedite I found “Kannada Kali ” and since then I am flourishing in Kannada. My peeps and people around praise me for the speed with which I am learning. The day is not far when I will ace it! Kudos to team HithAM.” – Sonal Raj

“Idu thumba olleya app. I, being able to write the above sentence (hope it is correct), is because of this app. Thanks for bringing this up. This app is very helpful for non-Kannada speaking people like me.” – Amit Das


“This app is simply amazing. The developers are really putting a lot of effort to improve the app to give the best content one can learn. Also, they have started a WhatsApp group to help users with their queries. I would give 10 stars if it is possible. “ – Sai Teja

The app also provides users with a chance to directly interact with the developers and suggest a feature that would help them. Till date, the team has pushed around 8 updates which also include many features suggested by the app users.

We believe that this is a great initiative from the team to teach and spread the language across. If you wish to contribute and be a part of it then contact +91 8618316754 or email at [email protected]

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