From Biryanis to Barbeques, Le Arabia Is One Of The Best Arabian Restaurants in Bengaluru

le arabia

Bengaluru is blessed with a good mix of restaurants from diverse cuisines. While Indian and Chinese restaurants form the majority here, we also have Arabian restaurants with many popular chains and franchises that serve Arabian food. One of the best restaurants for Arabian cuisine food in our city is Le Arabia which has branches in Basaveshwara Nagar and JP Nagar. A branch in Marathahalli is also being planned which shall lead to some more cheer for those living in the area. Having already made waves and earned its fame with a chain of restaurants in Trivandrum, Le Arabia aims to replicate its success in our city as well.

About Le Arabia

The restaurant has been in the business since 2011 and has grown quickly due to its amazing dishes. The staff here are some of the best with people such as Chef Pradeep Anand – a well-known chef with over seventeen years of experience being associated with the chain. With 17 years of five-star hotel experience and 100s of TV shows, Chef Pradeep Anand is haccp trained chef and an esteemed member of SICA (South Indian Chef Association). Also, he is a member of Indian Federation Associations of Culinary and World Association of Chef societies.

The restaurant sources only the most top-notch ingredients and a high percentage of fresh, organic produce locally. The sauces, breads, ice creams and other stocks are all crafted in the restaurant on a daily basis. The cooking traditions are heavily influenced by Arabic cuisine with their own unique style apparent in every dish. With over five successful restaurants in Trivandrum City, Le Arabia is expanding quickly in our city as well with branches in JP Nagar, Basaveshwara Nagar and an upcoming branch in Marathahalli.

le arabia

The Ambience

The interiors of this chic restaurant are spacious and eye-catching. The well-furnished interiors feature some greenery, interesting woodwork, and glass fixtures. These result in a splendid ambiance that has appreciating not just the food but also the experience of dining in the restaurant. The furniture is also comfortable with inviting sofas and warm interiors which beg you to stay there for long. The lanterns and the dimly lit tables have a very romantic feel to them which makes the place ideal for bringing dates or celebrating special occasions with family. Overall, Le Arabia has some of the best ambiance and interior decorations we have seen in the area.

le arabia

The Cuisine

Le Arabia is one of the best authentic Arabian restaurants in the city. The best part of visiting this restaurant is that the place has adapted well to the Bengaluru crowd. The North Indian and Mughlai cuisine foods here are also on point when it comes to taste. The shawarmas and barbeques here are loved by all the regulars who give it high praise for the quality and taste. With over a thousand reviews online and a rating of over 4 stars in online portals, the place is clearly popular and has earned its name and fame with its quality food.

le arabia

The Menu

The diverse menu has many enticing options with sea food, Chinese cuisine, breads, noodles, rice, and an “Arabian Adventure” section. The tandoori dishes will blow your mind away. The flavours from the barbeque dishes such as Pomfret barbeque and chicken pepper barbeque will never cease to impress. The Chicken Al Faham is one of the bestselling Arabian dishes. The biriyanis, grilled chicken and crispy chicken are some of the other bestsellers. The snacks and party meal options are ideal for children who crave fast foods such as fries, chicken, and khuboos – which is nothing but Arabian Roti.

le arabia

Seafood is the best food

The seafood section here features an assortment of dishes including the common dishes sold in most restaurants with prawns and fish. The dishes here though have a different take on these dishes which becomes apparent when tasted. The Devil’s Prawn is an amazing main course for those who crave spicy meals. The Fish Perl Perl is a favorite starter that is filled with flavors. It isn’t just the chicken and mutton here that pack a punch with their flavors but also the seafood.

le arabia

Planning a Visit? Here’s all you need to know

Le Arabia sees a lot of crowds, especially on weekends. The courteous staff and efficient service make dining here an absolute charm. Make sure you go there a little early if you want to have a bite of that delicious shawarma that they excel at making – especially when an evening trip is in the plans. The casual dining restaurants serve their mouth-watering dishes from 12 pm to 12 am on all days of the week. The restaurant is located at 11th Main Road, Bimajyothi LIC colony in Basaveshwara Nagar. There is a branch located in JP Nagar as well as an upcoming branch in Marathahalli. Do try dining at the place and let us know of your experience in the comments down below.



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