Lassi Bistro in Rajajinagar is a Place You Got To Visit For Awesome Milkshakes, Faloodas, And Ice Creams

lassi bistro

With the scorching summer heat, Bengalureans crave more of cold drinks and ice creams. Recently with temperatures soaring to about 35 degrees centigrade, people have started looking for cool drinks and food which are easy on the stomach and delicious. To save you is an assortment of drinks such as the lassi and milkshakes. At Lassi Bistro, one can get some of the best lassi and milkshakes. The place can sate you anytime – be it before a meal or after a meal or even during a meal!

The Lassi

To those who are new to Indian cuisine, lassi is the most perfect blend of yogurt, spices, water and other ingredients which result in the best drink one can have on a summer’s day. At Lassi Bistro, you get the usual sweet lassi and mango lassi. But the lassi section doesn’t end there. You have variants with kiwi, blackcurrant, strawberry, and many other different fruits. The dry fruit lassi is a healthy energy drink that will complete your meal. These drinks are the best to have especially after heavy and spicy meals such as biriyani.

lassi bistro

Milkshakes and Thickshakes

The place is also well known for its milkshake menu. The Belgian Chocolate and Snicker Shake seem to be some of the favorites of the local patrons. The “Body Cooler” milkshake in the menu does exactly what it’s named for. For those looking for something closer to an ice-cream, you have thick shakes too. This section of the menu sports some names which are traditional ice cream flavors. Mississippi mud, Banana Gulkand, Hopscotch Butterscotch, and Oreo Mud are some of the bestselling milkshakes here.

lassi bistro

Snacks and chats

One can’t really hang out over just milkshakes without something to snack on. Thankfully, the place has chats and sandwiches to munch on. Salads are also available here for those looking for healthy alternatives. Regardless of whether you choose the Cheese Sandwich or Potato Pops or Lychee with cream, you are bound to enjoy the flavors. The Salad menu has eight different options to pick from, all of which are appealing.

lassi bistro

More drinks!

The drinks don’t stop here, faloodas, mojitos, and crushers are also available here. The Green Apple and lime crushers are refreshing. The Kiwi mojito is sweet and refreshing. For more desi flavors, the faloodas can be enjoyed. The Kesar Falooda and Badam Falooda are some of the favorites here. A hot pick for fitness enthusiasts is the Ginger Falooda which is sold here.

lassi bistro

An amazing franchise in our city

The franchise started off in our city about three years ago and now has a presence in three different Indian cities. The lassi, milkshakes and other drinks sold here are delicious as well as healthy. The franchise is also budget friendly with most drinks priced around seventy bucks. The franchise has outlets in Rajajinagar, BDA Complex Banashankari, Marathahalli, Kumar swamy Layout, Yelahanka, and Bellandur. The outlets are the perfect place to hang out in the evenings with friends or to get refreshed in the afternoons.

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