Preparing For Your First Laser Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removal

Prepping for a laser hair removal treatment is straightforward. Follow these simple dos and don’ts to ensure that your procedure is a successful one with lasting results. This list is useful for first-timers and anyone who is returning to laser hair removal.


It is advised to shave the day before your treatment. A light stubble is useful for when the laser picks up the hair pigment in your skin. If you forget and have long hair in the treatment area on the day of your appointment, ask the technician to shave it for you to an optimal length. Hair that is too long will cause you discomfort during the treatment.


Once you have commenced treatments, you will be asked by your aesthetician to cease shaving and waxing of the area as that will encourage hair growth which is counter-intuitive to the permanent laser hair removal process.


The area of your body that receives treatment will require rest following the laser hair removal procedure. It is advised that you attend exercise sessions prior to your treatment and avoid them for 48 hours following the procedure.

Overheating, sweat, chlorine, and clothing rubbing on the treated area could result in inflamed skin and rash outbreaks. Your skin will heal quickly with rest. Instead of irritating the treatment area, soothe it with a natural Aloe Vera gel following your treatment.


laser hair removal


Laser hair removal is a pain-free procedure. The extent of the feeling is a pinching sensation. However, if you are concerned about the pain involved in your treatment, discuss this with your technician in advance. They will be able to offer solutions that will not risk the safety of the procedure.

Taking pain medication prior to treatment is discouraged as it can interfere with your sense of feeling in the treatment area. If your skin reacts negatively to the heat of the laser, you won’t be able to report that to the technician if you can’t feel it. A numbing cream on the treatment area will have a similar impact and is discouraged prior to treatment.

If you have taken any other medication, it is important to notify your technician as some medications can react negatively with the laser treatment.


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On the morning of your appointment, shower or bathe to wash off any makeup, perfume, sunscreen, moisturizer, and other body products. It is important for the treatment area to be clean prior to your treatment.

Creams and gels on the area can lessen your comfort during the procedure as well as compromise the safety of your skin. They can also negatively impact the success of laser hair removal treatment. Following facial laser hair removal, be sure to avoid applying makeup for at least 24 hours. Your skin will be particularly sensitive following the procedure and applying makeup could result in a rash.


Other Cosmetic Procedures

It is important to allow your skin to rest after any other cosmetic procedures prior to laser hair removal. A minimum of 2 weeks is required between cosmetic procedures like Microdermabrasion before attending a laser hair removal appointment.