Muniratna’s Kurukshetra Teaser Is Out And Is A Complete Disaster, We Feel Pity For Darshan!

kurukshetra teaser

The teaser of Challenging star Darshan’s 50th film “Kurukshetra” just dropped and we couldn’t wait to review it.

First of all, who in the world knew that one of the biggest stars of Sandalwood, Darshan’s 50th film would be his foray into cartoons and spoofs? This really is something.
For some strange reason, this movie is touted to be the most anticipated movie of the Kannada Film Industry. The teaser begins with the introduction of Darshan in a poorly animated costume. He seems to believe that he is a king. Then we see our own version of a raven which flies over a stream of water.

The actors, fortunately, seems to fully believe the character they are playing but it is the viewer who would find it hard to believe.

kurukshetra teaser

To be honest, the teaser seems to be a play shot on camera. Poor graphics make-believe sets and below average cinematography has made it the butt of the jokes already. I seriously doubt if the makers had a vision or intent to create something magical. If done right, it would have been a milestone in the Kannada Film Industry but I guess we have to wait longer for that milestone.

One of the credit says, story by Muniratna which is funny as it is directly been borrowed from Mahabharata. If not anything, Kurukshetra would be successful in setting the bar low for historical films in Kannada.

The Official Teaser is on YouTube. Watch it if you haven’t yet. (For all the entertainment, do not forget to check out the epic comments)