Kunal Kamra Roasted on Twitter For His Not So Funny Joke On Prime Minister Narendra Modi

source: indiatoday

Kunal Kamra is a stand-up comedian who is known for his controversial jokes. He is recognized for his standup up acts on patriotism and the current Government in today’s India.

Kunal Kamra’s Unamusing comedy

The free speech comical comedian had previously received death threat for his not so funny political jokes. His humor targets the current government and the political party. In the current scenario, the comedian has surrounded himself with a new controversy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France for the G7 summit was seen as a key visit to stable mutual benefits and business growth among the nations. Modi’s visit had a primary goal to accumulate support over peace in Kashmir and defaming Pakistan.


source: scroll.in

The comedian literally, had his way of describing Modi’s effort to keep peace in the region. He desperately mocked Modi for his endeavor to bring peace in the region. The chucklesome comedian posted a tweet where he trolls the PM as a non-peacekeeper. He tweeted, “The letter “P” in “NARENDRA MODI” stands for Peace.”

Social media users soon acknowledged his tweet and roasted Kunal for his unamusing humor.

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