Kunal Kamra Invites Arnab On A Face To Face Debate And “The Nation Is Not Interested”

A war between 2 extreme opposite people has still not come to an end. As the things appeared to calm down for a while, Kunal Kamra is back again and this time he has challenged the Republic Editor in a debate face to face.

Kunal is back

The 30-year-old comedian took to social media and shared a picture where it appears to be a text message that he sent to Arnab Goswami. In the caption, he wrote, “I found arnab’s number I’m still asking him for a debate and he’s just not responding, @republic is your editor a coward or a nationalist?”


source: scroll.in

The message wrote: Mr. Goswami this is my number you can reach out to me whenever you think you want to have a civil debate on what is the idea of nation and who’s nationalist… all my resentment towards you is my past I’m follower of Buddha and Mahavira and I want to extend you an olive branch to have a civil discourse… that’s all I asked for in the first place if you were lees on a prick this we wouldn’t have gotten here, anyway, this is kunal Kamra and I’m not sorry.

Recently, IndiGo, Air India and Spice jet suspended Kunal Kamra from traveling in their airlines for a certain period, terming his actions onboard unacceptable. We guess some more comedy is yet to come and it’s not ending any time soon. He might be interested in a debate but the nation doesn’t want to know when.