Kumaraswamy Promises To Fill Lakes AND Tanks Across The State, Govt. To Spend Nearly Rs 253 Crores

Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy said on Tuesday that his government is spending Rs.253 crores to fill the state’s lakes and tanks across the states. His government is making all efforts to rise above the water crisis.

Addressing the issue of the water crisis in the state, Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy has told that his government is making all possible efforts to fill up lakes across the state and has spent in over Rs 250 crores for the same. This comes amid the water crisis in the city, Bangalore has gone from being the city of lakes to the city of concrete. Because of this, all the water has disappeared.


Kumaraswamy on Water crisis in the state

“We are trying to fill all the lakes and tanks as soon as possible. We are spending Rs 253 crores to fill the lakes. It really helps to fill the tanks after filling lakes because groundwater level will automatically rise. It is the bad luck of our state that we are unable to use reservoir water of dams built in our state,” he said.

“We have to leave so much of water to Tamil Nadu because the authority says that. That’s why we are here trying all possibilities to fill all the lakes as soon as possible,” he added. It’s our bad luck that we’re unable to use reservoir water of our dams,” Kumaraswamy further said.


Years of rapid urbanization, poor water management have led to drying taps, falling groundwater levels and filth-frothed lakes that can burst into flames. “It helps to fill the tanks after filling lakes as groundwater level will automatically rise,” he added. ”


CM Visit to Mandya Village

While visiting Mandya, the Chief Minister also met the family members of farmer AN Suresh who had allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in Mandya, the reason was he couldn’t repay loans.

Mr. Kumaraswamy paid his condolences to Jayasheela Suresh, wife of the dead farmer, and her children, A.S. Chandrashekar, and A.S. Suvarna. He handed over compensation of ₹5 lakh. Additionally, he also assured her (Jayashree) of providing employment to her son and helping her daughter complete higher education.

“I have already told waiving of loans is not the permanent solution. We are trying to control private loan providers. Kerala has brought a new order to control the private loan providers. I have also decided to bring a bill and discuss in the upcoming legislative session on the subject of loans by private firms,” he said.


Source: ANI