K’taka Parents Flooded Twitter With 40 K Posts In 4 Hours To Demand The Ban On Online Classes To Be Lifted

Who knew that education and learning will see a big obstacle in 2020; a year that has been declared as the year of a global pandemic.

After the Karnataka government recently banned online classes for students below standard five, a community of parents brewed up a storm on Twitter and Telegram in hopes that the ban will be lifted and their kids get to attend online classes again.


While the online classes up to grade five were banned and some parents found it a hassle to get their little ones to sit in front of the computers for long hours, so many more have come forth in support of the online classes. On Saturday, 20th June, a community of parents sent over 40,000 tweets in hopes to influence the government to make a decision in their favour.

Online learning
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The group from Bangalore found support from parents residing in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh who are facing the same issue. The first phase of the initiative which took place on 14th June led to 7000 tweets. Encouraged by the success of the first phase, the second was held soon after.

Online Classes In Maharashtra

Maharashtra has banned online classes for kids up to grade two and Madhya Pradesh for primary classes. However, Karnataka is the only state to have appointed a committee of experts to form a decision on the matter and a report for the same is expected within the end of this week. The shoutouts were done over social platforms Telegram and Twitter with parents who wanted to have the freedom of choosing the mode of education for their children whereas the teachers and staff raised concern about their jobs and the continuity of learning.


“Our Telegram group has 1,800 members. Many outside our group too are tweeting. We wanted to get more parents together and amplify our voice. We are writing to members of the expert committee. Twitter gives maximum exposure (to a cause) and the government is present on it,” said Shweta Sharan, a parent who started the Telegram group.

Some Tweets By Parents: