K’taka farmer paints his dog like a tiger to scare monkeys away!

source: naidunia

Gone are those days when scarecrows were used to terrify animals on the farm, dogs painted orange with black stripes are also suitable to scare away the troublemakers. A farmer from Karnataka has been struggling to deal with monkeys infiltrating his farmers, so he decided to paint his dog like a wild animal. And guess what? It worked.

A dog that looks like Tiger

Srikant Gowda, from Shivamogga who has been struggling to keep his crops protected from monkey infestations, came up with this fantastic idea. He painted orange and white stripes on his dog, to make him look like a tiger and scare away the monkeys. He painted the dog using a hair dye that lasts for a month and more.


source: news18

Gowda also puts posters of his dog and that of tigers in the grass to scare away boorish monkeys. The trick worked well and various other farmers are also adopting the same technique to save their crops.

source: indiatimes

Scare away monkeys

Gowda said that he has got this idea four years ago when he visited Uttara Kannada. He discovered that a farmer in Bhatkal was using a false tiger doll to scare away monkeys. He worked the same tactic and soon understood that it works.

source: deccanherald

Well, that’s not it, JS Chidananda Gowda, another farmer from Kakkarasi village in Sorab taluk, plays the audio of a dog’s bark on a speaker to scare away the monkeys from his maize field.