10 Reasons Why Koshy’s is The Most Iconic Restaurant Of Bengaluru – Since 1940


If there is any restaurant which can lay claim to being the most iconic restaurant in our city, it is probably the Koshy’s restaurant which has been run by the Koshys family since 1940. This place has the unique distinction of having served some of the most famous people throughout history including India’s first Prime Minister – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Queen Elizabeth II of England among others.

This restaurant has always been the favorite joint of journalists, politicians and visiting dignitaries. Here are 10 reasons why this place is famous and has claimed to the title of the most iconic restaurant in Bengaluru.


1. History

The old restaurant and café have seen generations come and relish their delicious food. The restaurant has hosted many famous and iconic personalities from all over the world. The place deserves a mention in anything that has something to do with old Bangalore. The establishment having been founded early in 1940, had also served the famous Soviet statesman Nikita Khrushchev.

2. English Breakfast

The place serves some of the best English breakfasts in the city. You get sausages, baked beans, poached eggs, toast and bacon which are enough to start off your mornings. The other breakfast snacks include a variety of omelettes and toasts.


3. Mutton Cutlets

The mutton cutlets here are legendary. You will be hard pressed to get such crispy and delicious mutton cutlets elsewhere. It is unlike other restaurants where the cutlets are chewier and the crispy taste has you appreciating the flavors more.


4. Sea Food

It’s not just the mutton cutlets but the fish cutlets which are also mind-blowing. You also get fish n chips and prawns cooked in various ways ranging from North Indian and Kerala cuisine to the Western style. The seafood at Koshy’s is definitely worth a try.

5. Bacon

The bacon here is crisp and cooked really well. You get the meat served in different manners in various dishes on the menu and will have a hard time trying to find the best dish here.


6. An awesome assault on the taste buds

The restaurant isn’t just known for its history but also its quality. The food here has been always impressive. The dishes here are designed to impress from the very first bite and leave you wanting for more.


7. Local hangout

Having been around from the time before Independence, this establishment has its own fan following and is a local hangout for many – sometimes even a gang of grandfathers as old as eighty who reminisce of their younger days spent in the place.


8. Ambiance

The restaurant has maintained the antique ambiance without any over-the-top decorations. The wooden tables and rustic décor make you feel at home and comfortable from the moment you step into the restaurant. Here, you can enjoy good food and converse with your friends at ease.


9. Easy on the pockets

Compared to the other restaurants in the area, Koshy’s is reasonably priced costing around eight hundred for a meal for two. Though the place has received a bit of a bad rep over the last few years by some critics, the place remains one of the best breakfast destinations for many.


10. Location

Located at St Marks road, the place is convenient and has many shopping avenues and shops nearby. The establishment is still a favorite amongst writers and youngsters who want to enjoy some cold beer with their steak.


Do give this place a visit for you can dine in the same place Jawaharlal Nehru did. Koshy’s is open from 9 am to 11:30 pm on all days. A table booking is recommended to reduce wait time. Bon appétit.