This is a Trekker’s Paradise Near Moodbidri Of Karnataka Whose Beauty is Simply Incredible

Konaje kallu

Konaje is a village in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka. The place is 7km away from the city, Moodbidri in the Naravi Road. Konaje Kallu is a large granite standing stone. It is a challenge for rock climbers since it has no footholds and will be a trekkers paradise. You will sweat and cry a lot if you are not into trekking and climbing, but the beautiful scenery will bring you peace.

All you Need to know about Konaje Kallu

People those who want a break from the routine humdrum and also want to get away from the scorching heat in the city, a trek in the thick frondescence of the forests of the Western Ghats would provide the much-needed diversion. One need not go too far off places to enjoy nature’s quietude and give your lungs a whip of fresh air or oxygen therapy.

konaje kallu

Located 8kms from Moodabidri and around 43kms from Mangalore on the Naravi road. During ancient days, Konaje Kallu was commonly known as ‘Donkey’s Ears’ by the erstwhile British rulers.

konaje kallu

The forest area surrounding the place is the home to a variety of wild animals and birds. There is a rock cave in the interior of the forest area, which was used by ancient ascetics. Many pre-historic stone-age structures have also been found here.

Kalabairava Temple

It is also a place of worship for the believers and paradise for trekkers. It is ‘Karnika Kshethra.’ There is Kalabairava and Mahamayi Gudi near Konaje Kallu. The distance between one gigantic granite block to another is a half kilometer. From far, it looks like a monolithic rock. There is a bond between the two granite blocks, which is called ‘Boodikere,’ where one gets pure water throughout the year.

konaje kallu

It is at 346 meters above sea level and 244 meters above the base. During monsoon and in winter, one can see Konaje Kallu covered with thick mist. The surrounding area of the Konaje Kallu is a mini-reservoir of the Western Ghats species and should be declared as a national ecological hotspot, say nature lovers.

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