This Place Called Kollapuri’s Is An Age-Old Place in Bengaluru Known For Its Saoji-Style Non-Veg


Basavanagudi may be a famous place to host one of the best vegetarian hotels in the city. However, to quench the thirst of a hungry non-vegetarian in this area, Kollapuri’s is the best option available in Basavanagudi. Nestled in a small old building, Kollapuri’s was established long ago and since its inception; the restaurant has been making the right noises in the city for its unique taste.

The branches of Kollapuri’s are also present in Jayanagar and Gandhibazar which makes sure that you do not miss out on the unique taste of this restaurant if you are staying away from Basavanagudi.


The Saoji Cuisine

Considered as one of the very few restaurants to serve the Saoji Cuisine, Kollapuri’s Biryani trio (Egg, Chicken & Mutton) combined with the famous Chicken Raja and Chilly Chicken has made this joint extremely popular across the city. The biryanis are available under Rs 150 and all the other gravy and dry items are will cost you Rs 120 on an average.

The Pudhina Chicken, Mutton Kheema Balls, and the Mutton Liver Masala are a few items that are exclusive to this restaurant. Most of the gravy items are available at Kollapuri’s taste best with the masala chapati available at Rs 12 per piece.


The mood inside the joint

If you are expecting the perfect ambiance for your Sunday afternoon meal, Kollapuri’s may not be the right place for you. Although maintained neatly, the building in which Kollapuri’s is located in way too small and hardly accommodates 30 people at a time. Hence, it is mandatory that you will have to wait at least for a few minutes before you get a seat in the restaurant. The kitchen is visible from inside the seating area and the happenings inside will be your dose of entertainment before your order arrives.


The service is quick and prompt and unlimited raithas and rasam are always on offer here. The owner of the restaurant is a good man and is always willing to explain to you about the specialty of Saoji Cuisine.



Tasty food at a pocket-friendly price. Hotels that fulfill both these criteria are hard to find in Bengaluru. However, if you are willing to take a ride to Basavanagudi, Kollapuri’s will offer you lip-smacking food at astonishingly low prices. Coupled with the unique taste of the food items, Kollapuri’s already has a number of reasons to make you visit the joint at the earliest.

However, Chicken Biryani and Chilly Chicken combination is the one that will win your hand at this restaurant. The flavor of the Biryani is distinct and the aroma of the dish will remain in your palms long after you leave the restaurant. Staying true to the Saoji Cuisine, Chilly Chicken is extremely spicy and will make you enjoy the glass of extraordinary rasam which is served at the end of your meals.


Open: 12 PM – 4 PM and 7 PM – 10:30 PM (Closed on Monday)

Where: Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru