Kohli’s Epic Reaction on Receiving FOOD Goes Viral, but it wasn’t ‘Chole Bhature’, reveals Dravid

Virat Kohli grabbed the headlines due to his reaction to a food delivery during Day 2 of the second Test match between India and Australia. Rahul Dravid revealed the food item that brought a smile to Virat Kohli’s face in the dressing room.

The viral Virat Kohli reaction

Team India’s coach, Rahul Dravid, on Sunday revealed that Virat Kohli received a delivery of food was not actually Chole Bhature.


In the viral video a person approached Kohli with a food parcel, and upon receiving it, Kohli’s joy was apparent as he clapped his hands in delight, bringing a smile to Dravid’s face too.

The incident, which was captured on video and widely shared on social media, caused people to speculate about the contents of Kohli’s package.

In the post-match interview, Dravid said: “It wasn’t Chole Bhature. But Kulcha Chole” Dravid also disclosed that Kohli was tempting him to have some food.


“He was tempting me with it, but I said I’m 50 years old, I can’t handle so much cholesterol anymore,” he said with a laugh.

Kohli’s love for Chole Bhature

Kohli’s love for Chole Bhature is a widely known fact, which he revealed on a talk show a few years ago. In an interview with Gaurav Kapur in 2016, Kohli told that Chhole Bhature was his favorite dish.

“Ram’s Chhole Bhature in Rajouri Garden 110 percent. That too, I’ll go to his shop and have it, not take away. By the time it comes home, it’s not a bhatura anymore. It feels like a stale bread. Fresh Bhatura’s where you pop a hole with your finger along with some onions, mint chutney and pepper pickle,” Kohli said.