10 Amazing Things To Know About Channapatna – The City Of Toys | 60 KM From Bengaluru


Channapatna, a city located in the district of Ramanagara, in Karnataka is famous for its toys. Located between the cities of Bengaluru and Mysuru, the city offers more than just respite for travellers. Here we are with a few must-know facts about this beautiful city of Channapatna.

Toy City

Channapatna is the toy hub of Karnataka. It is well known throughout the globe for making traditional toys. It comes as no surprise that the toys made here are sold even in Europe and the United States!


A Persian Touch

The toys find their origin in the time when Tipu Sultan was gifted wooden toys by Persian artisans. He was so impressed by their craftsmanship that he invited these artists to India to teach the Indian craftsmen their trade.


Ivory Wood and more

Their toys are made from ivory wood, which can be easily shaped. Their toys use organic paints and dyes unlike giants like Mattel and Lego. It is this safe and eco-friendly nature of their toys which have helped them rise above the competition.

God made the Dog

It is not only toys which are typical of this place. Channapatna is also home to a temple which worships dogs. It was built in honor of two dogs who once went missing, and it is believed that these dogs still roam through the streets, driving away any form of negativity.


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Moment of Pride

It was a moment of pride for Channapatna to have built the cultural tableau for Karnataka, to be displayed on the 66th republic day. This was noted and highly appreciated by renowned personalities and citizens alike.


The Artisan’s Hub

Artisans who wish to work here are trained under a body known as the Artisan Training Institute. This institute also helps in the marketing of Channapatna toys.

The Obamas love it too!

It was a moment of pride yet again when Michelle Obama took back toys from Channapatna with her, for her children. This happened on her visit to India in 2015.


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Best in the World

Not only are the Channapatna toys organic and safe to use, but also innovative and authentic. It is also a fact that no two of these toys are ever the same. This innovation, coupled with savvy marketing techniques make these toys the best in the world!


How to reach Channapatna

Channapatna is located at a distance of 60 km from Bengaluru. It can be easily accessed by road. Trains are also available from Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna.


Best time to visit

November is the best time to visit Channapatna since this month witnesses mild rainfall and pleasant temperatures.


So, make time for Channapatna with your friends for an off-beat experience with toys, people, and more.

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